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Civilian Defense Force founded.

In response to increasing violence and destruction across the United States, and what appears to be an imminent threat to communities throughout the country, a small group of American Patriots has formed the Civilian Defense Force. As of 20 July 2020, the national organization (for which this website serves as National Headquarter) will begin developing the accreditation and charter documents for forming units in counties from coast to coast.

The mission of the Civilian Defense Force is to enlist the voluntary aid of patriotic citizens from each county and parish in the country to form and staff local CDF Units. These units will serve their communities in times of trouble, including natural disaster, neighborhood watch, and defense of homeland from anyone (foreign or domestic) who threatens, provokes, or incites violence, destruction of property, or other lawlessness within the operating area of the unit. The CDF acts as a last line of defense, following the lead of and supporting law enforcement and National Guard units. We will work closely with them to ensure our community and it’s citizens remain safe and secure from assaults on their persons or property; that our public buildings, monuments, and other neighborhood facilities remain protected from vandalism and destruction; and that we, as American citizens, remain free from the tyranny of terrorism and lawlessness.

While for the most part we as an organization are not political, we nevertheless oppose and will stand united against anti-American elements from both within and outside of our national borders. This includes any and all attacks against our history, our principles, and our American Way. We also stand with the courageous members of law enforcement who protect and serve our communities to ensure law and order. We are a peaceful organization that appreciates a peaceful society, but will in times of need take up arms to ensure that peace

Further details of our founding and our mission are available throughout the website, and additional features of the site will be developed in the coming days and weeks. American Patriots interested in carrying out the mission of the organization (via forming or joining their local Unit) are encouraged to read over the contents of the site and then visit our Membership page for further instructions.

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