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As Election Day nears, the Civilian Defense Force reminds Patriots that the single most patriotic thing you can do is VOTE! Now more than at any other time in our history, your vote is absolutely critical to keeping America the land of the FREE! You must VOTE, and then get everyone you know out to vote as well. Our nation depends on it!

We’ve stayed too long in the shadows.

American patriots have sat quietly as our country has burned.

No more.

We’ve watched as the enemies of America have trashed our cities, erased our history, emasculated our police, assaulted and killed our fellow citizens. We’ve felt sickened and weak, wanting to help but not really knowing how.

But we can’t just sit and do nothing anymore. America needs for US to stand up.

Now we can.

Who are we?

People just like you. Your friends, family, neighbors.

The Civilian Defense Force is everyday Americans, just like you. We raise our families, do our jobs, eat barbecue on the 4th of July. We appreciate our freedoms, honor those who sacrificed to win and protect them, and teach our children to respect our flag and anthem. We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, regardless of race or religion or orientation. But we expect our rights and property to be respected, too. We’re tired of being silenced, intimidated, threatened, vandalized, looted, and assaulted. We’re tired of being told that we are racist, or “privileged”, or that because we’ve worked hard to make the lives we enjoy, we’ve somehow wronged someone who hasn’t. We’re weary of being talked down to, virtue-signaled, and lied to. Mostly, we’re disgusted with how our freedoms, our history, and our way of life are under attack–and nobody seems willing to even speak out, let alone stand against it.

So we will!

We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We enjoy all the freedoms that being an American allows; coming and going as we please, raising our children as we see fit, practicing our religious beliefs without interference. We enjoy our neighborhoods, festivals and parks, the lake at sunset, a night on the town with a loved one. We believe in free speech, and the right to speak our minds.

But our freedoms are under attack, and so are we.

We’re dismayed as we see those freedoms increasingly trampled upon or taken away. We’ve been virtue-signaled, gaslighted, and browbeaten by the thought police for far too long. Our lives are threatened simply because we want to vote for who we choose, and believe what we want to believe.

But we no longer have to be afraid.

We’re joining as one because we’re stronger together.

We all know there’s strength in numbers. Now we don’t have to feel so alone, so helpless, so afraid. We’re neighbors helping neighbors, and so much more. We’re the strong protecting the weak, the community standing together as one against the increasing threat of violence and mayhem.

We’re everyday people…

…but we’re anything but ordinary. Just like you!

Our mission is simple.

We are gathering together in our communities to protect our communities.

The Civilian Defense Force is an all-volunteer community-based civic organization, the mission of which is to defend and protect our neighborhoods from threats that may overwhelm existing safeguards. These threats may include natural disaster, the activities of foreign adversaries on American soil, or domestic lawlessness and oppression. We stand in opposition to those who seek to reduce or otherwise tamper with our constitutional rights or would interfere with the free exercise thereof, including via means of coercion such as intimidation through violence. We train to present a strong, united response when faced with crises such as these, to protect our lives and the lives of our neighbors; our property; and our established way of life. We do this without regard to race, creed, or religion, and with an abiding respect for the United States Constitution and the laws which spring from it.

Across the country we are connecting neighbors with neighbors, bringing their skills together and teaching them new ones, with the intention of protecting our neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions. We respect everyone’s rights as Americans, including the right to peacefully speak, gather and protest–but protest does not mean vandalize, terrorize, or destroy. Accosting citizens is not peaceful. Destroying monuments is not peaceful. Burning, defacing, and threatening are not peaceful. We will stand together to make sure these non-peaceful, unlawful behaviors do not happen in our communities.

Our mission is to defend. We have no interest in attacking anyone, or provoking engagement of any kind, but we will stand and defend when our friends, neighbors, businesses, structures, monuments, and property are under threat. We support law enforcement, and vow to work within the bounds of the law to protect our brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community while we are protecting our own lives and property.

We believe in equality and the fair and equal treatment of every American. We do not discriminate, and we do not permit hateful behavior toward anyone because of their race, creed, religion, or orientation. But we also do not tolerate terrorism, intimidation, or activities that trample our rights and the rights of others within our communities. We do not wish to fight, but we train to do so in case hate-filled, violent people demonstrate a blatant disregard for our rights, lives, and property.

We love America, respect her laws, and will stand up for both to our utmost ability. We love our communities, and will help our neighbors when danger presents itself, whether natural or man-made. We will defend when attacked, without regard to whether those who engage us are foreign or domestic enemies. When our liberties are threatened, we will do what is right and necessary. That is our mission. That is our vow.

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