Your country is calling. It's time to get involved!

Things look pretty bleak for our country…

…but some of us aren’t going down without a fight! The Civilian Defense Force is your friends and neighbors, coming together to stand in the face of danger as the last line of defense of our American homeland. After the police, after the National Guard and other military, we–your mail carrier, pharmacist, pizza shop owner, dog groomer–will be there, ready to defend.

We sure hope you’ll be there beside us.

But we’re more than just that. We’ll help when disaster strikes, when police are overwhelmed, when search and rescue volunteers assemble. We’re citizen soldiers who put our communities, and our nation, first…ahead of personal goals, ahead of politics.

We like to think of ourselves as “the greater good”. We believe in America, and all she’s given us. We’re committed to defending her (and our neighbors) against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

But what do we do?

And how do we do it?

We work and raise our families, just like you.

We also learn new skills, like self defense, weapons training, military maneuvers, electronic warfare, intelligence gathering, and more.

But not everyone can be a “warrior”, yet everyone can be a Civilian Defense Force member. There are hundreds of other, equally important “jobs” for patriots in the CDF. Know how to sew? We need you. Repair a car? We need you, too. Cook? Build a shed? Dress a wound? We need all of those skills. The truth is that the majority of the Civilian Defense Force doesn’t train for and is not expected to take part in actual martial duties; most are “support staff” and community leaders.

We need what you bring to the table; your leadership, dedication, time, and love of country. America needs you, now more than she ever has before.

Training with paintball guns.

Is the Civilian Defense Force the same as the “Militia”?

No. In fact, the “Militia” as it was originally conceived and implemented hasn’t existed since legislation did away with it in 1903. Many groups that closely align with that legacy and call themselves Militia do exist; while we respect what they do, we aren’t exactly the same. The focus of the Civilian Defense Force is to bring each community together to defend and protect itself in times of need. We are not primarily concerned with the military aspect of our mission, though it remains an integral and important piece of the complete picture.

It’s important to note some similarities we have with the original American state militias though. One of those is that the militia as it was originally implemented included every able-bodied citizen between the ages of 15 and 45 or so. Back then it was a requirement. The Civilian Defense Force is strictly voluntary, though we’d love to have as many citizens from our community as we can.

Good neighbors doing good for the neighborhood.

We’re more than just people who train with guns.

Sooner or later, disaster strikes everywhere. When it does–whatever that situation might be–the Civilian Defense Force is there. Weather emergency? We’ll be there to fill sandbags, direct traffic, or hand out bottles of water. Lost child? We’ll be combing the neighborhood and woods alongside our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. And when our law enforcement heroes are overwhelmed? We’ll be there to help watch the neighborhood. We are in every sense of the word a “civic organization”.

To accomplish this, we need every member of the community. There are many roles that need to be filled, from medical specialists to legal professionals, computer whizzes to drone hobbyists. And yes, we need people who can use firearms, learn hand-to-hand combat, and train in the tactics of the battlefield. If you’ve carved a car for the Pinewood Derby, or sold Girl Scout cookies, we can use your talents. If you’ve designed posters for the county fair, or websites for the county government, we have a place for you. The Civilian Defense Force is a community effort, and every member of the community has something to contribute.

We all know that bad things are happening in our country right now. If you move beyond the propaganda, behind the headlines, you see that there are forces at work that want to tear the country apart. They succeed when they sow hatred and distrust among the citizens; usually they do this along racial lines, because it’s expedient and effective. But we refuse to be torn! We believe in the United States Constitution, and everything America stands for; equality, freedom, and the rights we are endowed with as human beings at the time we are born. This belief is the cornerstone of everything we do. This is why we defend when lawless behavior threatens the rights of the law abiding, and why we accept into our ranks all Americans of good character. Not only do we abhor discrimination, we actively make it a point to see past the things our enemies use to divide us–race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.–to see the American Patriot inside.

And we don’t see age as a disqualifying factor, either. Fifteen year olds can do things on a smart phone many “adults” couldn’t dream of, while senior citizens know more about “how things really are” than many of us who think we know it all. While we can’t (and wouldn’t) put the very young or very old on the front lines of a situation where violence may occur, we can certainly use them on the “digital battlefield” or in the intelligence realm.

And we aren’t just about training for battle, but also about camaraderie and community spirit! We host fun events for our members and the community at large; participate in other events like fairs and festivals; and partake in outdoor activities that most everyone enjoys, like fishing and camping. We do this to help us keep balance, and also to learn skills that may benefit us if darker times ever do reach our doorsteps.

At the heart of it–the very center of everything we do–is our devotion to the happiness, prosperity, and freedom of our neighbors and neighborhoods, our deep love of country, and our desire to see both preserved and protected from those who would do harm to our people and institutions. You’re a part of our community, so you’re one of us. And we need your help.

Units are forming in communities all over the country.

Our national organization is welcoming chapters from Anchorage to Atlanta. Each county or parish in America is able and encouraged to host an accredited Civilian Defense Force Unit.

We need strong, capable, dedicated leaders to form Units within their county, if one doesn’t already exist, or join your local unit if it does. Our criteria is simple; you must be an American Patriot of good character, honorable and duty-bound. You must swear an oath of allegiance to our nation and to the organization you are joining or forming. You must abide by the founding principles of this country, and promise to protect and defend them from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

You don’t need military experience, though that is highly sought after. You do need to be dedicated to helping your community in whatever way you are capable.

Ready to sign up?