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The State of the (Forever Divided) “Union”

The media has, of course, declared Joe Biden the winner.

Joe Biden hasn’t won anything, and anyone who is paying attention knows it. They’re declaring it for two reasons–one, to convince the morons who aren’t paying attention that Biden is the winner (allowing them to later on declare that Trump “stole the election”, when in fact the exact opposite is true); and two, using these same people and the three or four who actually did support Biden, to irreparably divide the nation and bring us to war.

This election was never about who’s President. It’s always been about tearing the country apart.

Let’s be honest–their effort has succeeded. No matter who is “elected” when this whole saga is over, the nation is no longer the “United” States of America; we’re the Forever Divided States of America.

Let’s be honest again–I and most others are perfectly okay with that. If AOC was drowning in a lake in front of me, I wouldn’t throw her a life preserver, I’d throw her a brick. If it was Ilhan Omar, I’d throw her a brick and then dump my water bottle into the lake to help speed up the process. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same? And if you think for one second that people on the Left would be any less callous than that, you truly aren’t paying attention–or you’re utterly delusional.

The country is done. Whether we did it to ourselves, did it with help from seventy years of Russian Communists and fifty years of Chinese communists, or just disintegrated by the natural progress of time within a nation, we are past the point of no return. Mentally, we try to hang on–but we’re only fooling ourselves, salving the wound.

And it isn’t just the sown division that has destroyed America; it’s the complete dismantling of everything it means to be an American! This fraudulent election is positively the last straw. Read this edited excerpt from an email I sent to an associate yesterday; while it still holds out some hope that right will prevail, I worry that even the proper decision of the courts will wind up being too little, too late:

I’m in the midst of one of those “epiphany moments” where clarity that otherwise avoids me has suddenly taken hold. Sadly, it is clarity of what is and not what to do about it.

The Iron Fist of Dictatorship will not be upon us if Trump concedes tomorrow and Biden is installed the next day. It may never be upon us, as we envision it. But that isn’t the battle. Many if not most people in the PRC live entirely adequate lives. Even most in Russia do these days. Their lives are not all that different from ours, with a few glaring exceptions that I could certainly make a case over, but I won’t.

The problem is not what is to come, but rather what is lost, and there is no way I can reconcile that right now. We are Americans, and even if the notions of free and fair, Liberty and justice, are nothing more than illusions, they are illusions we hold as sacrosanct. Owning my home is an illusion; if I fail to pay my taxes for enough years, it will be taken from me. That is the reality. But my home is mine. I paid for it. I paint it whatever color I want it to be. I plant what I want in the garden. I come here and feel safe and comfortable because it is my home, acquired fairly and legally. True “ownership” may be an illusion, but the sanctity of my home is very real in America. There are laws that prevent people from just coming in and taking my home, my possessions, or my family. If those who would violate those laws dare try, and the protectors I’ve hired (through my taxes) are not able to respond, I have the right and obligation to defend my home.

Maybe they’re here to do nothing more than make a sandwich and then leave. So what? The point is it’s my home, and they have no business or right to be there. If the police don’t stop that, and I choose not to or am otherwise incapable of it, my home is no longer safe and secure, and I can never feel as if it is again. From this point forward anyone can just come in and make a sandwich, disregarding the law and with no fear of justice or any form of retribution.

What is happening in America with this election is absolutely no different. Joe Biden isn’t Joseph Stalin. Biden couldn’t carry Stalin’s mustache brush to the Kremlin bathroom. And given the level of angst and volatility that accompanies life in America right now, even the Democrats wouldn’t be stupid enough to do much more than rattle cages for the foreseeable future. Things will be essentially the same next week as last week, and for the most part we won’t know the difference. But that isn’t the point. The point is that they came into our home in complete disregard for our wishes or the law and helped themselves to a fucking sandwich. They subverted the protections we had in place and they’re eating our bologna while we speak. If the police don’t arrive (in the form of the courts righting the wrong) it is up to us to defend our home–or to choose not to.

Joe Biden didn’t win Pennsylvania. He didn’t even compete. I know it, everyone else in this state knows it, and we also all know that it just doesn’t matter–because the corrupt machine here stopped the count when it was obvious Trump was cruising, and suddenly found millions of ballots that just didn’t exist before then. People were still “voting” DAYS after the election ended. And just as soon as they’d invented enough ballots to push Biden ahead, the state was called for him and ding dong, Trump is dead. And that’s just Pennsylvania. It happened for certain in Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Probably in Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona. Who knows where else?

We know this fraud occurred. The whole world does. Even those who hate Trump are all over social media saying this is some seriously shady shit. It is absolutely election tampering of unfathomable magnitude, and if it’s allowed to stand it is no different than the person violating my home in complete contempt for the law. It doesn’t matter if all he wanted was some bologna and bread–he ignored the rules, walked in, and helped himself. If I allow it, I can never again sleep safely at night. If we allow it, the safety and sanctity of our nation is no more and America ceases to exist. We will no longer have the ability to control our “leaders” via the ballot box, leaving only two alternatives–we roll over and take whatever they choose to “give” (and do to) us, or we exercise that other option none of us like to talk about.

I’m not willing to be anyone’s slave, or to sell my children and grandchildren into such bondage. Assuming you aren’t either, this leaves us two (and only two) outcomes–the courts view the preponderance of evidence including the simple mathematical and statistical impossibilities and then do the right thing–in other words, they behave as policemen arresting the sandwich-making intruder–or we defend our home.

If we choose to roll over and take it, these douche bags will be thrown out eventually. Despotism never lasts. But whether it’s four years, twenty years, or fifty years from now, it won’t be America that throws them out because America ceases to exist the moment we allow the integrity of our electoral process to be this obviously, blatantly, and brazenly cheated. Free and fair elections are America; there is no “America” without them.

No matter how all of this turns out, the division has been sown to such an extent that I can’t ever see “United” being in our future again. I’m of the opinion that people still wishing and hoping for that are more delusional than old Joe Biden. Divorce is imminent, and it’s going to be an ugly, ugly affair.

You’d best get ready for it. Failure to prepare is how people wind up hiding in attics and basements hoping they won’t be loaded into trains for “the camps”. And AOC and several others on the radical Left are already publicly making lists.

Guess who’s on those lists?

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3 thoughts on “The State of the (Forever Divided) “Union”

  1. What a powerful post! Win-lose-or draw on the election matter, the Left cannot hold a candle here because in the long run truth wins out and the Left cannot even conceive of the meaning of that. They are run by the Father of lies and good people know that and thus can never feel threatened where it counts, having integrity and honor means more than “winning” because those other losers can, and will, lie their asses off falsely claiming such a title, but never will they truly hold it. It is written!

  2. Damn it–I really don’t care to be “united” with those “people” anymore anyway. Biden’s “plea” for unity actually a veiled demand for compliance. Demand / request refused.

  3. Lucky Jack certainly knows the seamanship of the pen.

    “Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” -William Penn

    We the People know what is right, and what is wrong. In our hearts we know what must be done about it, but too many fear to take action. Too many wait for others to stand, for others to do the heavy lifting of the Republic. This is what separates Patriots from Tories.

    No decision IS a decision. Patriots ACT, Tories don’t. Patriots ACT, Tories may even aid the enemy, seeking their favors. Patriots ACT to RESTORE the Constitution. Tories undermine it.
    This is not a call to violence. It is a call to be prepared for anything, to stand up for our Constitution and the Rule of Law. To exercise our Bill of Rights in every respect, and turn the tide peacefully if possible back towards free, fair elections and Republican democracy as originally founded.

    But in any case it is a call not to submit to tyranny under any circumstances, regardless of cause or calling. We are AMERICANS, we are FREE, we will NOT BE RULED, and we will pass this heritage on to future generations. This I solemnly swear.

    For the Republic, and Liberty

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