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“Patriot Action for America”…?

This is an addendum to a post I wrote yesterday regarding reports (coming out of CHINA!) that the Civilian Defense Force is to be involved in some sort of action to prevent Joe Biden from being inaugurated on January 20th. These stem from an article that is circulating on independent “news” outlets (and seemingly expanding) regarding an organization called “Patriot Action for America” which purports to be a “coalition of eight major Militia groups” that are, so the story goes, going to take armed action in Washington DC on January 16th (though I’ve seen that date reported to be January 19, 20, and/or 21 as well). Our organization is one of the groups mentioned.

For the record and so there is no confusion, we (the Civilian Defense Force) are not part of and do not have anything to do with this organization, or action, or coalition, or whatever you want to call it. We have made no such arrangements, have no such plans, and have not been in contact with any of the other named groups regarding any such actions. We would not under any circumstances conduct or be involved in such an action. The Civilian Defense Force is a defensive organization. Our mission, made clear in our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, is to protect our local communities from the threat of lawlessness and destruction from miscreants intent on causing harm to our families, our businesses, and our neighbors. We are not a “militia”, and we do not function in the capacity described by this organization or their purported “plan”.

As an organization of our type, we are of course concerned with the activities that have taken place over the last several months, and over the last week in particular. These activities–a stolen election, the seating of an illegitimate President, the demonizing of American Patriots in general and Donald Trump supporters in particular, and the blatant censorship that is occurring on social media and other sites as we speak–are all direct threats to every single American. All violate the laws of the land and wipe their collective feet on the United States Constitution, which we are duty-bound and oath-driven to defend. To the extent these threats affect our communities and challenge our mission, we will respond according to Rules of Engagement established by our leadership. This purported action, to which our name has been attached without our knowledge or consent, does not fall under that framework.

The Civilian Defense Force officially disavows in the strongest possible terms any report of our participation in this or any similar activity; expressly denies any involvement with any such plan; and enjoins the creator/publisher of this fantasy to discontinue using our organization’s good name in any fashion with relation to this purported activity.

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