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Of Nukes and UFOs, Climate Change and “Purposeful Depopulation”…

This is PART TWO of a two-part post. Here is PART ONE.

Most of what you’re about to read is true and easily confirmed by a simple internet search. Some of it is logically easy to conclude and doesn’t require much more than a brain to comprehend the significance of it and thereby “confirm” its validity. And some–what I’ll tell you about at the end–can probably be confirmed if you’re willing to take a deeper look, but relies entirely on my own memory and my personal interpretation of the facts (or what I present as facts) as I see them. If you want to find the stories yourself, you’ll have to do some digging (and I don’t present much to go on), but the information is out there if you look hard enough.

Let me summarize everything you’re about to read. Please do read it after the summary, but this is to save you the trouble of digesting all of this stuff if you simply don’t have the stomach for it after you read this summary. I will certainly understand.

  • This is disputed scientific fact (as almost all scientific facts are), but it is easily possible, and likely probable, as actual, indisputable fact which we will see proven in the next three to ten years. Simply put, it is that climate change is real. I’m not talking about “anthropologically influenced” climate change, as the evil elements would have us believe, but natural climate change as a result of something called a “Grand Solar Minimum”. This unstoppable, historically repeating phenomenon, will result in decreased food and energy production, coupled with increased energy demand. This disturbing reality is likely to be fatal for 15-40% or more of the world population.
  • This is fact…the United States government is about to confirm for the first time that “technology that is at least a hundred years ahead of any we are capable of now” exists and is being observed every day. They call the phenomena “UVAs”, but we know them by a more ominous name–UFOs. Just today, Barack Obama announced that what the military will reveal is all true…
  • This is difficult to confirm “hearsay”; the Deagel Forecast I mentioned in Part One (which is real, but is now no longer available for public consumption), which indicates a 70% decrease in the US population by 2025, also indicates (and/or has been interpreted as indicating) that a major nuclear event–probably global thermonuclear war–will account for many of those losses.
  • This is purely from my memory, not backed up by facts that I can cite but which can probably be found if you dig around the internet enough; a few years ago something very disturbing happened that ties the previous two (UFOs and Nuclear population control) together. More to the point, it specifically stated that a major nuclear “situation” would be preceded by the United States government “confirming” the existence of UFOs/aliens, as we’re seeing right now…

Let’s talk about space, and creatures from outer space.

We’ll start with sunspots.

Most people have heard about sunspots, and know roughly what they are. In layman’s terms, they’re areas on the surface of the sun where magnetic fields are much stronger and therefore create a “hold” on the release of the gasses that emerge from the sun’s core and burn on the surface. This means the areas of sunspots are cooler, which is why they’re dark “spots” on the otherwise bright sun. It’s a lot more complicated than that, and there’s a lot that is or can be affected by sunspots and the activity that surrounds them, but the part of that we’re interested in is called “solar minimum”, which is exactly what it sounds like–a minimal number of sunspots over a given period of time. Solar cycles (typically 11 years in duration) have been measured for hundreds of years, where the rise and fall of sunspot activity is tracked. Over that period we go from “minimum” to “maximum” and back again. These differences in activity create varying effects on the earth, in particular with radio communications, the appearance of aurora borealis (the “Northern Lights”), and—wait for it–climate issues.

Every now and again a period of decreased–as in, near zero–sunspot activity called a “Grand Solar Minimum” is experienced. The last GSM lasted for about seventy years–a period known as the “Maunder Minimum”, beginning around 1645–and resulted in what is commonly referred to as “the Little Ice Age”. Several factors converged to create this climate-changing period (among them high levels of volcanic activity), so it’s unclear to what extent a period of GSM will affect the earth’s climate, but several prominent scientists in the field have reported their belief that we’re now in a GSM, which will increase in intensity over the next ten years. They believe (and based on what I’ve seen, I’m inclined to agree) that this period will have potentially devastating effects on our world. Their fear is that a “perfect storm” of circumstances will cause the sun to be seen less often as the Earth experiences greatly increased cloud cover. Planetary temperatures will cool, creating havoc with the weather, and coupled with the already decreased exposure to sunlight, crop production will suffer greatly. Our increased reliance on sun and wind to produce our energy will also be affected, decreasing the production while at the same time the demand for energy will increase as homes are colder and food production requires more energy to pump water, run grow lamps, heat barns, etc.

Estimates I’ve seen indicate that the GSM will result in a 15-40% decrease in worldwide food production, and a swing of anywhere from 30-80% in demand versus supply of energy.

You don’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to understand the grave implications of these numbers on the economies of the world, and the population. Taken by itself, this could be truly devastating to civilization as we know it.

The governments of the world are well aware of this data. Keep that in mind.

Speaking of rockets, let’s talk about a type of rocket…the kind that’s tipped with a nuclear payload.

The Deagel Forecast mentioned in Part One has been taken down from their website, and is systematically being removed from every archive on the worldwide web. It’s as if it never existed. I wasn’t even aware this could be done, but I can assure you that the effort to do so must be monumental. It’s truly spooky stuff. How badly do the powers-that-be have to want you to NOT see this forecast to actively, purposely go about removing all traces of it from existence?

What exactly does the Deagel Forecast say that’s so troubling?

The two most concerning things for Americans are these; that seven out of ten Americans will be dead within the next four years…

…and that it’s most likely to occur as a result of devastating financial collapse coupled with all-out nuclear war. In short, the Forecast states that a worldwide nuclear war is not only possible but likely, and that it will take place in the next four years, leading to BILLIONS of casualties and hundreds of millions of deaths, particularly in the United States. This, together with the utterly unsustainable economic disaster we’re already experiencing across the Western world (in particular the United States), will ultimately end civilization as we know it and result in both the death toll predicted, as well as America being left as “the rest of the world’s dirty bitch”. Yeah–that’s their phrasing, not mine.

The global elite know about this. Remember that. Remember, too, that they’re basically trying to hide the financial trouble by printing and handing out money, increasing the financial trouble exponentially. Have you gotten your “stimulus” yet? Enjoy it–it’s probably the blood and bones of your children you’re buying that flat screen with.

Now let’s talk about creatures from outer space.

Have you followed the news over the last several months, and particularly over the last several days? It seems the US government is making unambiguous announcements that unequivocally state that UFOs exist and have been increasing their activity, appearing “daily” now, particularly over the United States’ East coast. A senior military official even compared it to the kind of advanced scouting that a power would do immediately prior to a conflict of some kind. This technology, we’re told, is at least a hundred years more advanced than anything we mere humans have developed here on Earth. Even former President Barack Obama himself announced just today that what the government is releasing now is “all real”.

UFOs. Advanced technologies. East Coast of the United States. Remember that.

Now, for the truly “fun” part…the real entry into “conspiracy theory” area. Except that this time, I am the conspiracy theorist. No click-bait, nothing to sell you, no reason to tell you this except to help you with that “hmm” factor you should be dealing with in your brain right now.

This is all true, as far as the parts where I describe what I read. Whether the content of that reading is true or not, I’ll leave for you to decide and/or investigate on your own…but the timeline, and what I’m telling you I saw, are all true.

Some years ago I came across a story I found shocking, interesting, and a bit far-fetched–but I couldn’t deny the ending facts of it, which made me give some credence to the beginning and middle facts. I stored this information away, revealing it to those who seemed interested and would listen. Like me, most of them met it with some skepticism but saw just enough possibility that it could be believed under the right circumstances.

I’ll let you judge for yourself whether those circumstances are upon us now.

Here’s the story…a man (whose name I can’t recall) spent decades in the government, some of the more secretive branches. He was exposed to much information, particularly relating to aliens, UFOs, and the lot. Some of the things he found were disturbing to him, and all seemed to indicate one thing; that aliens were real and that the US Government was aware of this but was keeping it a huge secret. He saw mountains of evidence; some he understood, some he didn’t, but most all of it pointed to one thing–an undeniable secret program within the government to gather this information, but not allow the public to know about it.

One document in particular perplexed him. It didn’t seem to jive with the rest of what he knew, but he couldn’t quite figure out why. It bothered him for years. Still, he knew what he knew, and he was determined to expose it–all of it.

Naturally he couldn’t keep his job and turn whistleblower, so he left the government and went on a campaign to make clear to the public just what was going on behind closed doors. ALIENS WERE REAL. THE GOVERNMENT HAS PROOF. THEY’RE HIDING IT.

For twenty years he told these stories. It was his obsession, and, in his view, his life’s work. Associates still within the system would provide him with new information, generally corroborating what he already knew or adding to what he already had. ALIENS ARE REAL! THEY’VE VISITED THE EARTH! THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS!

Sometimes what they gave him didn’t make sense. He couldn’t quite reconcile it. These were like pieces of a puzzle that showed an outline, but not enough to really make out the image.

And that document still dogged him. Something just wasn’t right.

Twenty years…most of his professional life. He was called a crackpot, a “conspiracy theorist”, everything you can imagine. He endured it all. He knew what he knew, and he was duty-bound to tell it.

And tell it he did…to anyone who would listen.

The government didn’t try to shut him up. They didn’t sue him, or threaten him, or jail him for giving away their secrets. They simply didn’t seem to mind.

And that document…

For twenty years he preached his Aliens Among Us gospel, every hour of the day, fully convinced and convincing anyone else he could that UFOs were real and a secret government program existed around that fact.

And then one day, that document and all those other incongruous bits of information finally clicked, and it all made sense to him. All of it. And when it did, his voice became louder than it had ever been before…

…denying everything he had preached for the previous two decades. Aliens did NOT exist, UFOs were NOT real, and the secret government program? It was concocted by the government to create the illusion of aliens, UFOs, and the threat they pose with their “advanced technology”.

The document that had dogged him all those years referred to nuclear bombs, and how they would be used for “the event”.

He finally understood what “the event” was, and why the alien deception existed.

The entire ruse was carefully crafted as a means to implement emergency population control. It was the way the government would justify using nuclear weapons on it’s own people, to cut down the burgeoning populace. The government would announce that aliens were here, that attack was imminent, and suddenly, the Eastern seaboard would be obliterated.

Now that’s the beginning and the middle of the story. Possible? Sure. Plausible? Eh…

…except that the government that didn’t give a shit when he was telling his aliens story–the one that all but encouraged him to do so–suddenly took great interest in this man. Enough so that he put out word that his life was in danger, and he’d likely be dead in a very short time.

Just days later he was shot and killed by an “off-duty cop”. On his own property.

Yes–an agent of the government shot him dead. The story was, as I recall, that he’d gotten into an argument with the cop and drew a weapon. The officer had to kill him.

Now an ending like that makes me go “hmmm…”, and that made me file the story away in my “just in case” memory bank.

That memory-bank file now contains Deagel predicting a nuclear event coupled with massive loss of life; population control being all the rage in the news; and Barack Obama and the Federal Government announcing that yes, aliens are real and UFOs are visiting us “on the daily”, seemingly on a pre-action scouting mission. Specifically, on the Eastern seaboard.


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5 thoughts on “Of Nukes and UFOs, Climate Change and “Purposeful Depopulation”…

  1. So much “plausibility” in all of that … but nowhere near the Conspiracy “Findings” (Theory only to the uninformed) that I have discovered over the last quarter-century of non-stop exploration with unimaginable zeal resulting from my own unsought gain of Spiritual awareness.

    Yes, plausible, and I would not even argue unlikely in knowing a lot of what’s behind it all. It is very “powerful” stuff because, believe it or not, there are Spiritual elements to it all and when it comes to human relationships (to everything) there is no other motivator more effective than believing that God wants that from you. And believe you me, there are Secret Societies (very spiritual in Their own way) behind all of the things that may befall we the common folk “because THEY want it to” … and “proof being in the pudding”, things kept secret are not the way of the “Loving God” that is always upfront to its followers, leaving the secret stuff being more related to Gods “opposition”. There is Evil behind everything that affects and effects our lives where the knowledge of it is being withheld from us by Those that have selfish and nefarious, even malevolent plans, plans that were we to know of ahead of time might make the outcomes more in our favor than Theirs.

    BTW, Aliens and UFOs do exist, but their “reality” does not match up with the reality that most of us share. We have a lot to learn. IMnsHO and E so far

    1. If there are “Alien” sightings, and I’ve never seen one, there can be only one explanation… fallen angels (demonic beings) that are real. Don’t be deceived by propaganda of those who call good evil and evil good!

      1. Nothing is really completely dualistic, (+/-). Yes, there are extremes such as the “theoretical” God (good) and the opposite, the theoretical Satan (evil) as everything has its counterpart, equal yet opposite. But always there is a “third aspect” that is in between the “initial two” that representational as being in the form of Trinity as (+=-). In our having been taught since childhood that (+=+) and (-=-), end of story! Of course if that is true then it would have to be shown figuratively as (+/-) which is polarizing and exclusive as in divisive. That is closer to the way we think and act than would be the results were we to understand and act according to (+=-) which recognizes the “third party or aspect of the (=) which is inclusive and unifying, the opposite of polarizing. The (/) is based upon fear while the (=) is based upon love, the first being more an ego function experiencing the limitations of physicality, and the latter more involving higher sense spiritually experienced. Truth be known, (+=-) is the Truth of how the Universe works in its most basic experienceable form. It is the Basic Equation of Truth, the BET as (+=-). Where the one concept is exoteric, the latter is esoteric, objective versus subjective, philosophically meta-physical, spiritually Panentheistic.

        I might agree that any “manifested” (physical representations) spirits very well “could” be demonic (a relative term) but like in most contrived separations, usually, perception gives that one will be claimed to be “better than” the other and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each may claim the “better” but there is no-one here on earth that would be able to claim “final authority” on that. As well, “off earth” authority is just as subjective.

        Right now we have here at home two different political parties, each claims the higher road and charging the other to be on the lower road. Our top politician, a president, can be seen as a “good cop” (white-hat) or a “bad cop” (black-hat) … and police departments when dealing with suspected criminals, often “split” into two seemingly opposite types, a “good” one meant to curry favor with the suspect to easier get wanted cooperation and info from him, and bad one to scare the suspect into cooperating with the other. Both have the same goal, to find the truth, but each is working for the same boss and uses that greater authority to “play’ the opposing roles.

        Truth be known, there are powerful interests, relatively evil, behind our political system, that have “given” us our “two parties” fully intended to “divide us” for control purposes. We also “get” the Main Stream Media (MSM)(includes FOX, though they claim to not be a part, expected to get “the trust” of its follower) containing its “leanings” in one direction or the other. Yet in the end, they and the politicians are paid for and owned by the same overall controller (Corporate/Banking Interests) that have their own common agenda and use “we the people” to generate the energy which combined gets the “owners” what they want while anything that we think we get from it takes a relative “second” or lower value, which it is expected that we will fight each other over and be so busy doing that hating and fearing each other (by design) that we will not likely “come-together” in recognition of our “common foe” (Them) which we could vanquish via our combined “like-minded” powers of intentions in action, were we ever to “wake up” (the opposite of “woke”).

        Now in getting “back on track” and tying this all together, there are people, such as myself and countless others, that are not so mired in (restricted to) “normal reality” that we can entertain the concept of other life-forms in our Universe where possibly we have been visited and influenced in the very distant past, likely the present and of course, the future. There is a “school of thought” that we humans are the result of a distant past “genetic experiment” that “created” us into that which we are. Along with which They, the Geneticists, “gave us” a “creation story” and the beginnings of a “religion” to remain connected to, because They expected to return sometime in the future to again interact with us.

        I maintain that the people here on earth can see a lot of “bad things” happening all around and have enough
        “fear” of being victimized that they concoct relative safe theories to live their lives around, and for many, their Religion fills that need. Religious leaders may want to keep “their flock” together (probably because that following assures their own relative protection) and one way of doing so is to engender the concept of great fear where the follower is expected to find their relief from or through “Their Leader” and whatever he can convince them of.

        The “more adventurous” of us look a lot deeper into such things and study the available information which can lead us to believe that our past, present, and future realities may contain relationships with countless “others” on a more ephemeral (spiritual) level of existence. (of course “we” are accused of being whacko Conspiracy Theorists, so be it)

        We have a relatively recent historical story about a South Pacific Island civilization that had been completely isolated through their experienced history that they never saw another people until the 2nd world war when our Militaries were warring all over their part of the world. The first visitors were American that came by plane and presented them with gifts that so impressed them that when we left them they built a replica of an airplane, hoping that like a duck hunter lays out decoys to achieve his ends, they wanted us to return again bearing more gifts. They came to be known as the “Cargo Cult” thinking of us as relative gods.

        Picture we humans of planet earth being much alike those natives in that we sit here on our “island” knowing nothing “lasting” about what are most likely countless other civilizations on their own planets in their differing solar systems … many with the ability to come here in some form or other less “materialized” than we normally allow, maybe some are here now or very close somewhere within our earth … we just for the most part have yet to experience them … maybe in part because we have been told by our authorities that they do not exist, or by our religions that they do exist but they are to feared and not to be entertained, with the ‘cost” being Hell.
        This planet is caught up in Cosmic Seasons where the movement of the “Heavens” (Solar Systems, plural, meaning Universal) rearrange “energies” to the degree that many things formerly unseen, unthought of, and just previously unknown, may, and will to one degree or another, “manifest” into our reality as we thought we knew it, changing our thinking forever.
        Countless ancient tomes tell of those likelihoods, meant to mentally prepare us for such an expected event. Armageddon and other “end times” stories are a part of such warnings. Most likely not understood all that well by the original “writer” and thus further “butchered” by subsequent relayers of the message.

        My suggestion, take nothing at face value, even if accurate and true, there will always exist other related variations and potentials. Of countless possibilities, some beings on earth may try and depopulate us one way to another, maybe by Pandemic (Plan or Scam – demic), “Preventative Injections, maybe by Nuclear War … maybe even introducing an “Alien Threat”, impressed upon us via our own advanced secret technology (it is said that we have already mastered space propulsion other than via rocketry, have our own craft and even ongoing relationships with Extraterrestrial civilizations.
        Some of those “other civilizations” are the relative “dark hats” and are working with certain relative evil controlling groups here to introduce a NWO/One World Government (and Their Religion) … that would effectively enslave what human life remained here when “things” settled down.
        If any of this is true, then it is also true that “nicer” Aliens desire a “better” outcome for us and are doing their part, in a far less “pushy” way, naturally unseen by us, guiding us down a path that will turn out far better, maybe even ‘Heavenly”.

        The GOD (beyond defined God(s) and gods) of ALL is one of Truth and Unconditional Love, even for the worst “Sinners”, using Karma that plays out through eternity for the Justice of “do unto others as ye would have done unto yourself” … in other words, “what goes around (eventually) comes around” … “live by the sword and die by the sword”.

        You can guess where I might be coming from in all of this and you may be correct and maybe not. But I had the time to write this and well know that no one has to read it. Yet I do have a “Spiritual Mission” (non-Religious) to “tell others” … thus I pass on “food for thought” on the outside chance that some others will benefit from it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and no more than being IMnsHO and E so far.

  2. Here’s the thing: all of this is interesting, some of it may be true … but … whether it’s all true, or all entirely false … does not affect our mission.

    If you believe that some sort of mega- giga- catastrophe — natural, or man-made, or alien-made, or some combination of these — is going to effectively destroy human civilization — then our mission is irrelevant. Eat, drink and be merry. Our prepare your soul. Or sacrifice a goat to the gods.

    But if there is a fighting chance to rescue a fragment of the best political experiment ever conducted — the American Republic, which has inspired generation after generation around the world, seeking a decent life, either by coming to America or trying to implement its principles in their own country– if there is any chance of that, then … we have to organize.

    I read a lot of patriotic, conservative, ‘right wing’ material — almost everything that’s printed as regular journals. Very impressive. We have so many intelligent, thoughtful, well-educated, articulate deep thinkers. It’s a pleasure to read them.

    But … few of them seem to understand power. All the most brilliant analysis in the world is irrelevant, unless you have power. The Left has always understood this. But our side has been in power, effectively — when John F Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson or even Bill Clinton was President, even when the Democrats controlled both Houses — we could criticize what they did, but no one really believed that America was crumbling before their eyes.

    It was enough to write good books — like Charles Murray’s Losing Ground, which influenced the political class, for the good.

    But things have changed. The people now running America — not just the politicians but the whole ‘cultural apparatus’ of teachers, professors, lawyers, government bureaucrats — even some of the military — despise their country, or are subservient to those who do. Those who don’t keep a fearful silence, afraid for their jobs. Things have changed.

    We have to organize.

    I’m personally skeptical about UFO’s, Grand Solar Minimums, anti-Vax stuff — and we could have interesting discussions about all of these subjects. But it would be pointless. In fact, it would be worse than useless, because it would stir up emotions and create divisions among patriots.

    We have to organize. We have to prepare. We need ten thousand neighborhood-based groups of patriots who are trained and equipped to deal with a serious disruption of that man-made order we call ‘society’.

    We have the numbers already. There are, right now, millions of Americans who are aware that something has gone deeply wrong with our society. There will be more. The Russians have a saying: “First time, accident. Second time, co incidence. Third time … enemy action.” There are still patriots who are waiting for the “third time” … and it will come.

    The Left were kind enough last summer to give us a taste of what may be coming: a combination of violent rioters — some of them motivated by the desire for loot, others by ideology — overseen by a benevolent progressive-dominated government, which sits and watches as buildings are burnt down, and then turns its full prosecutorial fury on people who commit trespass in Congress.

    We have to organize.

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