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No Longer A Republican

This morning Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and a host of other “prominent” Republicans, used the excuse of the “Electoral College has spoken” to throw Donald Trump and the 80 million who voted for him–and who were disenfranchised by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ blatant, obvious, demonstrable election fraud–under the bus.

The questions of “why” are myriad, and the answers probably are, too. Part of the swamp? Absolutely. Controlled by China? Probably. Compromised in general? Very likely. Cowards? Without doubt.

Those questions are not important at this point. What is important to know–and was made crystal clear this morning–is that the Republican party of the United States will not defend the Constitution, our Republican values, the votes of the American people, and, by extension, you and me.

On the day of my 18th birthday I registered as a Republican, and have remained so for nearly four decades.

I have just gone onto my county voter registration website and changed my party affiliation to “no affiliation”. There have been many times I’ve thought to do this, but always hesitated because I felt it was important to remain a part of the main party so that I could participate in the very necessary process of primaries.

I will never vote for a Democrat–ever–after what we’ve seen in these last four years, but I was intent on making my voice known with regard to Republicans, picking the good over the bad in the primary process.

Here’s the simple fact that I’ve finally come to grips with–at this point, there are no “good”.

Don’t get me wrong–I still believe in and support Donald Trump, who carries an (R) beside his name. The same goes for people like Sean Parnell (a screwed-over congressional candidate from Pennsylvania), Rand Paul (Republican Senator from Kentucky) and a hundred others. These are good people, with proper values, who stand by the President and stand up for America.

But they chose the party that most closely represented (or so we’ve always believed) their principles. Sadly, it’s an unprincipled party that I can no longer support. The Republican party as it stands now is nothing more than the flip side of the dirty coin of American politics, the reverse of which is the demonstrably anti-American Democrats. This makes the Republican party complicit in every anti-American thing the Democrats do. McConnell and the Republicans are formally recognizing an illegitimate pretender to the Oval Office, installed by an illegal and traitorous defrauding of the American election. They are themselves now traitors to the nation.

I won’t be a party to that.

In fact, it is entirely possible that unless Donald Trump forms a new party, I am finished with the sham of “voting”. In reality, there isn’t much point anyway; if the Democrats can commit such obvious fraud and get away with it completely, blessed as it now is by the disgusting Republican party, voting is a joke. And if voting is a joke, the Republic has fallen.

I will join whatever party Donald Trump and his supporters form. I will join whatever movement Donald Trump forms. Donald Trump is most definitely–and quite literally–the hill I will die on.

Everyone else in American politics (anyone who does not absolutely follow Trump’s ideology and, in fact, the man himself) deserves the gallows as the treasonous sell-outs that they are.

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One thought on “No Longer A Republican

  1. Voting is never a joke unless, as we have seen this last time around, cheating and fraud makes it so. Therefore, our Republic stands or falls based on this one thing: Honest Elections
    SCOTUS has proven that we are a lawless regime by rejecting to even hear the case. Multiple lower courts have done the same. Now that it’s far too late to have effect, RINO’s are piling into the “fight” for free and fair elections. Don’t be fooled.
    We have little time to resolve this issue. January 6th will tell the tale. January 20th will most likely plunge the nation into chaos and violence regardless of which way things go.
    Each of us, as Citizens, must decide if we want to live as free people or as subject/slaves. There is no middle ground. Tyranny let loose will seek the lowest, most evil level possible. This is what the communist/democrats have in mind. Only you can stop them.
    Patriots value freedom more than life. Live and let live is their motto.
    Communists/democrats value their lives over freedom. Everyone must do as they do, or die. Zero tolerance.
    Which way do you want to live? Which way do you want your children to live?
    No decision is a decision.
    “As for me, Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death!” -Patrick Henry
    See you on Lexington green…

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