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New Year’s Eve, 1774

As 2020 comes to a close, we must be reminded that the situation we face as Americans in this moment is not unique; in fact, no matter how difficult these times may be for us, those who went before were at moments equally troubled. “These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine famously wrote in 1776. The time to which he refers is the ongoing struggle of the Revolutionary War, well underway but bogged down in Valley Forge when he wrote that memorable passage. The souls facing that trial were not merely the soldiers freezing their toes off in Pennsylvania, but every inhabitant of the newly-declared independent nation of America. There was no certainty for any of them, save a feeling of divine provenance among the extra-faithful. For the majority, though, these were days and nights filled with varying degrees of doubt and terror…much as some of us are feeling tonight.

What history teaches us though, or would but for our typically poor recollection (or poor education), is that by the time those words were written we’d already been in actual combat for nearly two years. We often carry the mistaken notion that our forefathers declared independence from King George, and the Revolution followed. Even today our leaders and would-be leaders often commend us to “Party like it’s 1776”, as if that is when the Revolution began. This is incorrect. So let’s redress this mistake, and in doing so perhaps fix a better picture in our minds as to where we–you and I–currently are in our own struggle.

As 1774 rolled over to ’75, patriots–who were at that point “seditionists”–had begun making preparations for war. Led by people like Samuel Adams and John Hancock, the earliest American revolutionaries started crafting and storing weapons and ammunition throughout the fall and winter of ’74, primarily in and around Concord, Massachusetts. This was an open secret, one that would lead to the first skirmish of the Revolution (preceded by the midnight ride of Paul Revere) in the Spring of 1775. “The shot heard ’round the world” was fired in April of 1775 by British forces toward a handful–fewer than 50, by eyewitness accounts–of patriots on Lexington Green. That volley, and the small but meaningful battle that took place immediately afterward in Concord, opened the hostilities that were to become the American Revolution–fifteen months before our independence was declared.

This is an important understanding for us to have right now. A few dozen committed men, without actually firing a shot (according to a reliable participant at Lexington) prompted the event that would lead to the formation of the greatest nation the world has ever known. Tensions had built for some time, and “rabble-rousers” like Samuel Adams had drummed these events into a rallying cry for those who believed it was time to free themselves and their colony brethren from the rule of an out-of-touch monarch. Many of those early participants were men of wealth and prestige, who stood to lose everything in pledging themselves to this new righteous cause–yet pledge they did; their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, as it were.

This is another fact that is often forgotten when we recount the history; independent America was a “new” country, but the colonies from which it sprang were anything but. In fact, the Mayflower had arrived more than 150 years prior to the Battle of Lexington/Concord, and the American colonies had prospered ever since. It is a testament to them that these men of importance, standing, and wealth within the burgeoning economy of the Americas put at risk all they had worked for in the name of securing Liberty for themselves and their families. And this was no small undertaking; Britain was then as America is now, in terms of might and world position. These were truly Davids against a powerful Goliath.

The lessons we can take from this history are many, most of which I’ll leave you to deduce on your own. My primary point is to reiterate that we are not the first Americans to face unfettered tyranny, an unpredictable future, and long odds. We are not the first Americans who have had to contemplate the sacrifice of our established lives and lifestyles in pursuit of a better future for ourselves and our posterity. We are not the first who have had to deal with the questions, the fears, the uncertainty. Most importantly, we are not the first who have faced the prospect of fighting amongst our countrymen; we often forget that the American colonies were anything but united in the cause. Many, many “loyalists” did not want to rock the boat, and in fact cooperated with the Crown against the patriots. The American Civil War was not the first that pitted the citizens of America against one another.

The last point I’ll make is this; at the time Adams and Hancock were gathering their forces and planning their revolution, most in the American colonies were living their ordinary, “normal” lives. Some were rich, some poor, some discontented, and others perfectly happy. Virtually all were “settled” into what they thought was always going to be their routine.

Nothing is routine. “Normal” doesn’t exist. And just because we, as the most powerful nation in the world, have enjoyed a relatively long run of peace and prosperity does not mean we are immune to the foibles of man or the wickedness of history. It is vitally important that on this dawn of the new year, you commit (perhaps as your New Years Resolution) to leave your “normalcy bias” behind. Nothing in the immediate future will be “normal”, according to what we’ve become accustomed to up to this point. Even the difficulties of 2020 will potentially appear “normal”–and we may pine for them–in comparison to the tribulations we will face in 2021.

You must prepare for this. You must accept it. And you must condition yourself now to persevere, no matter the circumstances. I have seen reliable, mathematically sound estimates that say the American population will decrease by as much as seventy percent–seven out of ten gone–within the next five years.

This is the reality we now face.

Despair over it if you must, but only for a bit. Afterward, remember that 250 years ago American colonists were preparing for war with their oppressors. Terrible “times that try men’s souls” commenced, and lasted for quite awhile before the dream of Liberty lifted the bravest and most honorable to the revered position we hold them in today…

“Founding Fathers”.

The time is upon us when a new generation of revolutionaries must emerge to challenge the tyrannies of those who would enslave us. As with the Adams’, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest, it is also time that leaders come forth who understand the realities that surround us and commit to pulling us through them, at whatever the cost. Clouds are formed on the horizon, and an unavoidable storm stands in wait for us in the coming year.

We will weather it. We will overcome. We will emerge victorious.

Tonight, let’s celebrate like it’s 1774.

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5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve, 1774

  1. Already true Patriots are standing up all across America. New parties and groups are forming to not only fight the stolen election, but stop the medical tyranny of CCP virus. If President Trump wants to form a new party, 70 million people will follow and the Rino’s will collapse, as they should. We are fed up with the one-party system. The “democrat” party has already collapsed…it is now the “communist” party.
    All ages are responding to the Patriots call as well. It’s not just the “old men” of the Vietnam era, or Desert veterans who are standing. It’s the newest generation too, in high school and college, though you won’t hear about them on the “mainstream media” which is anything but mainstream.
    The fraudulent election was the last straw. The communists went too far. It will not stand, whatever the cost, because if it does, the Republic is over. Dead out over.
    Not on our watch. With our shields or on them, the Republic will be restored. To hell with those who violate their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    For the Republic, and Liberty

  2. The narrative need to be redirected towards the real enemy combatants; The CCP and it’s traitorous American supporters. Those in power in Washington who have betrayed our great nation and its people and consequently must be physically removed and then impeached to prevent further damage. The only real solution is for ALL Americans to march on Washington and arrest them for their crimes of treason, sedition, bribery, election rigging, war mongering and the blatant selling out of American resources for personal gain.
    This will force the hand of POTUS to activate the insurrection act, which I believe is a part of his strategy to save our Republic.

    War Well you glorious Bastards

  3. I’ve lived long enough to remember when things were much better. And it has been obvious that America was hijacked by the Two Party Criminal Mobs and subverted to enrich the rich and well-connected many decades ago. There ain’t a dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. They have misled the public into believing their two-party system is guaranteed in the Constitution but — dudes, it did NOT say that! The masses got fat and happy and went along for the ride.

    This has all played out like the two-party elites have dictated. Anyone still believing in either party to rescue America is under a grand delusion. The duopoly of political kabuki has cornered the market and America is being pulled like a two oxen cart to wherever they say it shall go.

    The top feeders at the trough have closed ranks to prevent Trump from keeping the Oval. The unofficial third party has now emerged. The problem is, too many good people don’t want to give up their easy life to take up arms, leave home.

    There is no defined enemy except starvation that will incite the change required to reformulate the body politic. Otherwise the Revolution will continue to be televised. There needs to be a massive major shock to hit America from outside or else the two-party circus will sustain.

    I am prepared for most anything but won’t join any militia or organization. IPs are easily harvested nowadays. Just sayin’.
    Tom Stone – Libertarian and Idealist

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Hello patriot. My name is Jeff Cole, and a year or so back I founded the Civilian Defense Force. I'd like to quickly tell you a little bit about why we exist and why, I think, you're here. Those two "whys" are one and the same.

America is in trouble. Anyone who has lived in this country for more than a few years knows this. Our nation--and the world, because if America falls the world tumbles along with it--is under attack from enemies without and within. These evil bastards are Hell-bent on tearing down the legacy of freedom and responsibility this nation was founded upon and has represented for two and a half centuries. They're well organized, well financed, ruthless, and relentless...and they're inside the gates. All of the protections we've traditionally depended on to hold off their manipulations are at perilous risk right now, because too many good people have stood by silently while the enemies of America took control of the machinery.

The Civilian Defense Force was created to help stand in the way of all that, and to give awakening American patriots a place to step up and finally do something. That's why you're here, isn't it?

While the goals are broad (because they have to be), our mission is simple, direct, and vital. The Civilian Defense Force exists to gather American patriots together within their own communities; train them to defend themselves and those communities; and by extension, give them the strength and knowledge to reclaim the systems that have been usurped to indoctrinate our children, propagandize our media, and pervert our way of life.

The simple fact is that we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. The whole world knows this, so our enemies set about to infiltrate the country and destroy our heritage and will to be free. Through the corrupt media/entertainment complex, complicit "news" operations, compromised educational systems, and a far-too-complacent public, they weaseled their way in like parasites and now they infect the minds and bodies of too many of our countrymen. This makes it seem as if fighting them is fighting ourselves. We bend for no one out there, but we'll roll right over when it's our own who are doing the damage. They counted on this very phenomenon, which is why they implemented these programs in the first place. In the summer of 2020, they set their mindless minions loose upon a few test cities, and we watched helplessly as they burned those cities to the ground. This was just the beginning.

They've followed this with a puffed-up "pandemic" designed to allow them to pervert our election process and keep us under control, restricting everything from our movement to how or if we work and demanding, with little scientific backing and utterly ignoring the many viable alternatives, that we turn to a "vaccine" that will keep us bound to them forever. They've begun the process of punishing those who push back against them, and will continue that process right down to the classroom where your children are sitting right now.

Your town will soon be facing this relentless assault, if it isn't already. And if you think the black-clad minions of evil won't eventually show up with their molotov cocktails, bricks, and bike locks...think again. This is all coming to you sooner or later, especially if you and your neighbors offer any resistance to the established plan.

But we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. And as liberty-loving, patriotic Americans awaken from our induced complacency, we are indeed beginning to resist. This means they're going to have to bring the fight directly to our doorsteps.

And they will.

That's why the Civilian Defense Force exists. Our safeguards are being stripped away as we speak. Police are being defunded or targeted for violence; prosecutors are being replaced with anti-Americans who willfully ignore laws or apply "justice" unevenly; schools are being subjected to asinine mandates, held hostage by self-serving anti-American teacher's unions, and forced to indoctrinate our children with a curriculum straight from Hell itself; and even our military, once vaunted and still honored as the pinnacle of American might and right, has been gutted of any America-first attitude, it's leaders proudly wearing their latest medal--a "Joe Biden" campaign button.

Facing such an onslaught, it's hard to see how anyone can stand against it. But we--you and I--are American patriots. We bend the knee for NO ONE and personally, I sure as Hell don't intend to start now. Do you?

Here's the good news...there are lots and lots and LOTS of us, and we're all getting awake. And boy, are we PISSED! You know it--you talk with your neighbors every day. You hear and feel their anger. You know this dam is about to burst.

The time has come for that anger to be collected and directed.

That's what we exist for. Our goal is to gather the growing patriot crowd and whip them into "fighting" shape. That is as much metaphorical as it is literal; we will be ready to stand in the gap when the minions come to spread their lawlessness and mayhem, but in the interim we're also intent on helping our fellow citizens survive the hard times to come. We do this by organizing our resistance while creating community-based paths to self-sufficiency. When no one else is, we will be there for our communities as they desperately seek someone strong to turn to. In the process we will slowly but pointedly make every effort to retake control of the mechanisms of government, from the ground up. We'll start with our school boards, town councils, and county commissions. We'll take over the political parties, if necessary, by captaining precincts. We'll remind the enemies of America that ours is not a top-down dictatorial affair, but rather a nation of, by, and for the people.

To do all of this, we need your help. I don't want your money--you already have enough of that soaked out of you. What I want is your commitment to your community and your country. I want your effort. I want the patriot blood that flows through you, to intermingle it with mine and that of millions of other America-loving folks just like us who have seen enough, heard enough, had enough.

That's what we're here for.

That's what you're here for, am I right?

So let's get to it, shall we?

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