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The “No Dead Weight” Initiative

Upon the first anniversary of the creation of the Civilian Defense Force, a penetrating look into what worked and what did not–a “postmortem”, of a sort–was undertaken to identify where we were strong, where we were weak, and what we could do better in order to serve our country and communities.

Among several deficiencies we were able to identify, one in particular stood out–our membership rolls were filled with “dead weight”. This was not entirely the fault of members who had applied and were accepted for membership; most had done so in good faith and fully intent upon actively participating within the organization. Sadly, our initial model for Unit formation did not perform as we’d anticipated, leaving virtually all of our members “all dressed up with no place to go”. There simply weren’t units for members to join, and too few Patriots interested in creating and leading them. This placed our entire organization into an extended “hurry up and wait” posture, which was counterproductive and unsustainable.

To correct this, we’ve instituted new policies aimed at getting members out of the chute and active immediately. We’ve re-imagined our Units, simplified the process for starting a Unit, and made Unit AOs (Areas of Operation) more “granular” in nature. We’ve made Unit participation a requirement for membership. We’ve also simplified our member “vetting” process, placing the responsibility for in-depth vetting into the hands of Unit Commanders. In fact, we’ve shifted Unit leadership even more toward the individual commanders and away from the “central command” of our National organization. Units are now “chartered” after unit leaders agree to a specific set of rules and principles that allow for maximum autonomy but still abide the principles and purpose upon which the Civilian Defense Force was founded. The overarching goal for all of these changes is to push the organization forward while maintaining our original intent, with the ultimate achievement being the elimination of all “dead weight” within our membership and our organization as a whole. We’ve dubbed this effort the “No Dead Weight Initiative”, and will enforce these changes as if the success of our organization depends upon it–because it does.