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The Civilian Defense Force Mission

The Civilian Defense Force is an all-volunteer community-based civic organization dedicated to defending and protecting our neighborhoods from threats that may overwhelm existing safeguards. These threats may include natural disaster, the activities of foreign adversaries on American soil, or domestic lawlessness and oppression. We stand in opposition to those who seek to reduce or otherwise tamper with our constitutional rights or would interfere with the free exercise thereof, including via means of coercion such as intimidation through violence. We train to present a strong, united response when faced with crises such as these, to protect our lives and the lives of our neighbors; our property; and our established way of life. We do this without regard to race, creed, or religion, and with an abiding respect for the United States Constitution and the laws which spring from it.

Our Guiding Principles

The Civilian Defense Force is a volunteer, equal opportunity organization that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for all, members and non-members alike.

We promote that our members should strive for tolerance with other members of like and dissimilar backgrounds. Differences, if they arise, are to be approached with maturity and graciousness to each other. To the extent possible, we strive to honor each other in the area of personal differences to minimize friction in deference to our united vision. We remind members that our common loyalty to the mission and purpose of CDF is our uniting focus. We affirm individual differences and welcome all into our ranks.

We do not endorse and are not affiliated with other organizations that are premised on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other special political interest. We encourage local units to collaborate with other local organizations of like values to CDF in support of our mission. In the event of uncertainty, local unit leaders are encouraged to engage national leadership for direction.

We do not endorse current attempts at militant multiculturalism. We do not believe America is by-and-large a racist country, and we refuse to be threatened or intimidated into somehow “recognizing” that we are. Our nation is multicultural as a matter of course, and has been for a very long time; we reject the idea that we must now be coerced into recognizing this as both patently incorrect and dangerously ill-considered. To the extent that members of differing cultures wish to volunteer with the CDF, our ranks will reflect that multiculturalism naturally. We oppose any attempt to artificially interfere with that process in any way or to any particular ends.

We utterly reject “identity politics”. Our organization embraces freedom of thought and equality under the law.

We respect and vow to protect the right of all Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and the rights protected for us by the United States Constitution, including the right of every American to assemble, demand redress of grievances, and have their voice heard; but we oppose those voices that rise to violence, intimidation, and destruction in furtherance of fundamentally anti-American agendas that disregard our American rights and ignore the rule of law. We dedicate ourselves to defending our neighbors and countrymen from those who seek, through these nefarious and lawless means, to disrupt the free exercise of our civil rights.

We expressly denounce the terrorism, rioting, and violent civil disobedience that is currently engulfing our country, disturbing our peaceful American way of life without regard to our Constitution and other laws. Moreover, we call out the radical elements in this country that have inspired a revolutionary insurrection against that way of life and the peaceful people who practice it.

We respect and support law enforcement at every level, from local police to the DEA, Homeland Security to the Border Patrol. We vehemently oppose those who want to defund/disband our law enforcement agencies while smugly justifying violence against the officers thereof. We vow to “have the backs” of all of our brothers and sisters who maintain the thin blue line against lawlessness and aggression, so long as they bear true faith to the United States Constitution and to the original principles of Liberty codified by the Bill of Rights.

We support the right of every American to keep and bear arms, and will bear allegiance to the effort to oppose further gun control. We support the right of every American to a swift and fair trial, due process of law, the right to keep and own property, the right to privacy, and protection against unwarranted search and seizures. We oppose efforts to apply unequal justice, to deprive Americans of property, or to extend government and corporate surveillance into private lives.

We specifically oppose the movement to dismantle the fabric of our American society to replace it with a Marxist/communist/socialist one.

The CDF Member Pledge

Every member of the Civilian Defense force must agree to honor this pledge. It is our sacred oath to America, to our countrymen, and to our brothers and sisters in the Civilian Defense Force:

I pledge, on my honor, to support and defend the United States Constitution as written and intended by the framers; and as well to support and defend the nation it is intended to serve as created by our Founders. I further pledge to honor the traditions and history of America, including the ideals of individual Liberty, personal responsibility, equal treatment under law, fair representation in matters of governance, and the living of life free of undue fear and unchecked tyranny. I promise to stand against the enemies of these principles, both foreign and domestic, and to righteously, rigorously oppose all efforts to disrupt the exercise of freedom and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to all American citizens by our nation’s founding documents. I submit that I, to the best of my ability and when existing safeguards are insufficient, will fulfill my duty to stand in the gap if these ideals are threatened; and that I will vigorously protect my friends, family, neighbors and fellow Civilian Defense Force members when faced with intimidation and violence. On my honor, I offer my loyalty to the Civilian Defense Force as it stands the wall to ensure Life, Liberty, and Harmony for all who tender this pledge, and all who abide these principles.

The CDF Member’s Pledge


We want you to commit to the cause of America.

Money isn't our goal; locating and activating patriotic Americans is.


Hello patriot. My name is Jeff Cole, and a year or so back I founded the Civilian Defense Force. I'd like to quickly tell you a little bit about why we exist and why, I think, you're here. Those two "whys" are one and the same.

America is in trouble. Anyone who has lived in this country for more than a few years knows this. Our nation--and the world, because if America falls the world tumbles along with it--is under attack from enemies without and within. These evil bastards are Hell-bent on tearing down the legacy of freedom and responsibility this nation was founded upon and has represented for two and a half centuries. They're well organized, well financed, ruthless, and relentless...and they're inside the gates. All of the protections we've traditionally depended on to hold off their manipulations are at perilous risk right now, because too many good people have stood by silently while the enemies of America took control of the machinery.

The Civilian Defense Force was created to help stand in the way of all that, and to give awakening American patriots a place to step up and finally do something. That's why you're here, isn't it?

While the goals are broad (because they have to be), our mission is simple, direct, and vital. The Civilian Defense Force exists to gather American patriots together within their own communities; train them to defend themselves and those communities; and by extension, give them the strength and knowledge to reclaim the systems that have been usurped to indoctrinate our children, propagandize our media, and pervert our way of life.

The simple fact is that we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. The whole world knows this, so our enemies set about to infiltrate the country and destroy our heritage and will to be free. Through the corrupt media/entertainment complex, complicit "news" operations, compromised educational systems, and a far-too-complacent public, they weaseled their way in like parasites and now they infect the minds and bodies of too many of our countrymen. This makes it seem as if fighting them is fighting ourselves. We bend for no one out there, but we'll roll right over when it's our own who are doing the damage. They counted on this very phenomenon, which is why they implemented these programs in the first place. In the summer of 2020, they set their mindless minions loose upon a few test cities, and we watched helplessly as they burned those cities to the ground. This was just the beginning.

They've followed this with a puffed-up "pandemic" designed to allow them to pervert our election process and keep us under control, restricting everything from our movement to how or if we work and demanding, with little scientific backing and utterly ignoring the many viable alternatives, that we turn to a "vaccine" that will keep us bound to them forever. They've begun the process of punishing those who push back against them, and will continue that process right down to the classroom where your children are sitting right now.

Your town will soon be facing this relentless assault, if it isn't already. And if you think the black-clad minions of evil won't eventually show up with their molotov cocktails, bricks, and bike locks...think again. This is all coming to you sooner or later, especially if you and your neighbors offer any resistance to the established plan.

But we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. And as liberty-loving, patriotic Americans awaken from our induced complacency, we are indeed beginning to resist. This means they're going to have to bring the fight directly to our doorsteps.

And they will.

That's why the Civilian Defense Force exists. Our safeguards are being stripped away as we speak. Police are being defunded or targeted for violence; prosecutors are being replaced with anti-Americans who willfully ignore laws or apply "justice" unevenly; schools are being subjected to asinine mandates, held hostage by self-serving anti-American teacher's unions, and forced to indoctrinate our children with a curriculum straight from Hell itself; and even our military, once vaunted and still honored as the pinnacle of American might and right, has been gutted of any America-first attitude, it's leaders proudly wearing their latest medal--a "Joe Biden" campaign button.

Facing such an onslaught, it's hard to see how anyone can stand against it. But we--you and I--are American patriots. We bend the knee for NO ONE and personally, I sure as Hell don't intend to start now. Do you?

Here's the good news...there are lots and lots and LOTS of us, and we're all getting awake. And boy, are we PISSED! You know it--you talk with your neighbors every day. You hear and feel their anger. You know this dam is about to burst.

The time has come for that anger to be collected and directed.

That's what we exist for. Our goal is to gather the growing patriot crowd and whip them into "fighting" shape. That is as much metaphorical as it is literal; we will be ready to stand in the gap when the minions come to spread their lawlessness and mayhem, but in the interim we're also intent on helping our fellow citizens survive the hard times to come. We do this by organizing our resistance while creating community-based paths to self-sufficiency. When no one else is, we will be there for our communities as they desperately seek someone strong to turn to. In the process we will slowly but pointedly make every effort to retake control of the mechanisms of government, from the ground up. We'll start with our school boards, town councils, and county commissions. We'll take over the political parties, if necessary, by captaining precincts. We'll remind the enemies of America that ours is not a top-down dictatorial affair, but rather a nation of, by, and for the people.

To do all of this, we need your help. I don't want your money--you already have enough of that soaked out of you. What I want is your commitment to your community and your country. I want your effort. I want the patriot blood that flows through you, to intermingle it with mine and that of millions of other America-loving folks just like us who have seen enough, heard enough, had enough.

That's what we're here for.

That's what you're here for, am I right?

So let's get to it, shall we?

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