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Little of what you see, and none of what you hear…

One of the great admonitions of our time isn’t from our time…

“Believe little of what you see, and none of what you hear.”

This was presented to me with regard to the media–and that was decades ago. It’s truer now than it’s ever been. The fact is that the media in this country (and elsewhere, as you’ll see in just a moment) simply cannot be trusted. Truth is obscured or dismissed, half-truths are sold as fact, and when half-truths aren’t available, outright lies are created out of thin air. We’ve seen it over and over again by the “mainstream” media, exposed for a very long time by commentators like Rush Limbaugh but laid completely bare with the ascendancy of Donald Trump. The people we allow into our livingrooms every night are lying to us as a matter of course–and we’re letting them. That’s part of what has the country in the situation it finds itself in right now.

It isn’t just the mainstream media, though. The internet has given us many things, not the least of which is the free flow of information. The problem is, anyone can say anything (factual or not) and get away with it. If they can find an audience for their story, no matter how outlandish, that story can gain traction. Another old saw goes “tell a lie often enough, and it will be believed”. This is the basis for disinformation campaigns like the Steele Dossier, created entirely to smear Donald Trump by his rival Hillary Clinton (and her fellow Democrat criminals) and parroted by the dutiful, sycophant media.

Anyone can get caught up in it, or fall victim to it. It can be used from almost anywhere, against any target, to a greater or lesser degree of success. Sometimes the point is just to sow a seed. Sometimes it’s to grow a whole garden of disinformation from which lies can be picked later. And sometimes it’s just wishful thinking turned into absurd “news”.

Case in point–I’ve been made aware of an article, seemingly originating in China, that lists eight or nine Patriot organizations (the Civilian Defense Force included) who are supposedly going to march “fifteen thousand armed people” into Washington DC on January 19th to ensure that Joe Biden doesn’t occupy the White House. That was the first iteration of it. Since it came to my attention, the story seems to have expanded. Now we’re told that this occupying force (again, supposedly made up of the CDF and eight or nine “militia” organizations) is going to take the Capitol, “arrest” the Democrats in Congress, “hold them in the basement”, and put them on trial. This activity is going to take place, we’re told, on or about January 21.

This comes as quite a shock to me; you’d think I’d know something about it as the Founder and National Commander of the Civilian Defense Force. Oddly enough, this is the first I’m hearing about it.

I haven’t reached out to any of the other groups mentioned, but I’m pretty confident the leaders of those organizations know nothing about any of this either.

It’s a lie. Not a bending of the truth; not a bit of manipulation. No–it’s completely made up out of thin air.

For the record, allow me to utterly disavow any knowledge of any such plan, and deny entirely the validity of it. This isn’t how we operate, wouldn’t be something we’d do even if it WAS how we operate, and is so ludicrous on it’s face that it barely deserves mention. I’m not clear where this fiction came from; is it the wish of an overzealous Biden-hater? A planted story by Chinese Communists to discredit the Patriot movement? A really bad joke?

Whatever it is, it’s clearly spreading and gaining new nonsense as it does. I’ve been told that it’s been spotted on at least two websites, one of which seems to be referring would-be members our way. This is a two-edged sword; we’re always happy to have new Patriots come on board, but if they are joining us expecting that we’re going to march on the Capitol, they’re going to be very disappointed (and may well have a serious screw loose besides). Like all lies of this nature, as it spreads it’s going to more and more seem to be the truth, and over time it’s going to be hard to separate the fact from the fiction–just as it will be hard to convince those who believe that it isn’t what it purports to be. This is the entire point of disinformation, which leads me to believe that this article may be more than just some Rambo wannabe’s fantasy; this could actually be a planted piece that is designed to ultimately hurt the Patriot movement and paint all of us with some kind of “terrorist” black brush.

We aren’t terrorists. We aren’t evil. And we certainly aren’t marching on the Capitol (we aren’t stupid, either).

If you’ve come here expecting that you’re joining such a group, you should probably just dip out now–you’re going to be very disappointed. We are law-abiding, defense-minded guardians of our neighborhoods. Think King Leonidas, not King Richard.

As for this and stories like it? Don’t believe everything that you read, especially when it comes from the Chinese (which, incidentally, includes just about the entire “mainstream” American media).

Little of what you see, none of what you hear. That’s the maxim that applies, these days more than ever.

ADDED January 9, 2021 — An addendum to this post was just written and can be found here.

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6 thoughts on “Little of what you see, and none of what you hear…

  1. I wanted to comment on your post because I think you are making a very important point about the very possible influence of China or other foreign outsiders that are planting misinformation in our media and online. I hope people are listening to what you say.

    I am not a part of your organization. In fact I’m sure I’m one the people that you REALLY don’t like. Please listen to me when I tell you the same misinformation is affecting the other side. This fake news and misinformation is impacting the entire country and tearing it apart. I’m beginning to think it’s not our “enemies” within that are the problem but outside, foreign enemies like China or Russia or Iran that can’t beat us militarily so they are making us fall apart from within.

    I am a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), which is a small group of about 20 people in Colorado. I’m sure you hate me already! I’ve been a part of this group for years. We’re not particularly organized but, yes, we do participate in events and rallies for racial equality including the BLM marches in 2020. There are several groups like ours , all small. I wish we could be as organized and influential as you all, but in all honesty we’re just a group of idealists.

    The types of stories that have spread about the BLM and other racial justice groups – in the mainstream media and especially in the right-wing media – has been incredibly false and inflammatory. The only truth in any of it is that some bad people rioted this summer. Our intention was just to march and express our frustration using our first amendment rights as Americans. There is no such thing as Antifa! It’s an ideology meaning we oppose fascism (skinheads!) but that’s all it means. There are no groups of organized left wing antifa people planning a take over of the country by force. What a joke! We couldn’t a bake sale! Clearly the events of this summer show how badly we organized and that we have no leadership. Yes in recent years, the Democratic Party has moved away from the moderate middle and is leaning towards the left. But it’s not a plot or an organized plan. The country is not in imminent danger of becoming a “socialist” regime!! What a joke. If you think there is some organized plan to take over America, wow I wish! We’re a bunch of disorganized idealists and self righteous hippies with a few East coast snobs thrown in the mix. I can’t believe that you all would be scared of us. You are fully believing the misinformation being spoon fed to you.

    My group and other far-left groups like us absolutely do not like the Democratic Party. They are the party of Jimmy Carter – annoying but not “dangerous socialists”. We aren’t any happier with them than the conservatives, believe me. We had planned a protest rally this month against the new Biden administration because we don’t like them because they are too moderate (Kamala has a long history of being very pro law enforcement and locking up minorities for drug crimes as DA). We have also raised money to support the ACLU in its fight against the nearly 200,000 voters suppressed during the 2020 Election in Georgia. We want fair elections just as you do!

    No point in doing a rally now with the country melting down like it is.

    I know you don’t agree with my beliefs or my political affiliation and hate everything I stand for. But please please hear what I’m saying!

    We are no match for whoever is spreading this information in the news and online. You write this very intelligent post about the necessity of believing only what you see. You need to make sure you and your organization aren’t also caught up in a lie. This lie has been building and spreading for years and has come to a head. Take a hard look. You are living in an echo chamber of misinformation too. It’s not just the Left and the mainstream media. You are a part of it. Don’t kid yourself and think you somehow see the “truth” because you don’t. And the Left should do the same. We are as much at fault and victims of misinformation as you.

    I don’t know who is feeding this. I think it’s being created and sent from outside the United States with the explicit purpose of destroying us by making us fight from within. No one here in the US is benefiting. Only China and others like them are being helped by this chaos and violence. The total distrust of our own leadership, our institutions and our country???! WTF? This is literally destroying us.

    I will tell you what my group’s plan is for this year – To stay at home and away from the Capitol. To rally in the future event of police brutality. To not engage. To try to influence change through the existing democratic structures and laws. This is America and we love it as much as anyone!

    If you want unity, you need to stop feeding off the lies and misinformation. Help focus on saving America through a path of inner strength. Focus on the real enemy. It’s not the Left! It’s the misinformation and the real enemy has outsmarted all of us at this point. Don’t make it any worse.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

    1. I appreciate the comment.

      You will not find yourself vilified here. Among the leaders of this organization is a member who spent forty years as a card-carrying communist much deeper into the “movement” than it would appear you are. Another of our members voted for Bernie in the primaries. It’s true they’re both “reformed” (the realities exposed when Communism meets human nature have a tendency to disincline the wise from the idealistic worldview to which most of your ilk subscribe), but we try not to hold in contempt anyone who has not demonstrated a truly anti-American mindset or attempted to further the anti-American agenda with anti-American activities.

      You are probably aware that what you’ve described has a name; Color Revolution. It’s a CIA-developed method of tearing a country apart internally, and it’s extremely effective. We are witnessing Color Revolution on a magnificent, monstrous scale right now. It’s been going on for a decade or more, but it’s been especially evident in the last several months, and last several years. The emergence of a populist President who ran in complete opposition to the corrupt government has allowed it to propagate itself masterfully. Like a line of dominoes, it took but the slightest nudge to send the whole thing tumbling.

      Your analysis as to what has happened is correct. So is your idealistic solution of “finding unity”. Sadly, there’s that old unrealistic word again; idealism. This flight of fancy is as melodic as John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and just as useful.

      We know we’ve been played. We know Color Revolution when we see it. But we’re realists; we also know that at this point “unity” is as likely as wedding vows exchanged between AOC and Matt Gaetz. Is it possible? In some dimension, perhaps–but it’s never going to happen in our timeline.

      What solution does that leave us with?

      There are two likely, and one very unlikely one.

      The most likely is this; nothing major happens over the next eighteen months, but the chasm widens. Assuming some fundamental corrections are made to the voting system and the ability to defraud it is mostly corrected (returning the possibility of something resembling “free and fair”) , establishment Republicans are wiped off the stage and Trump-supporting (ideologically) candidates are voted in. This does not necessarily alter the power dynamic in Washington, yet, but it certainly starts it in the opposite direction from where it is right now. Over the eighteen months that follows that, the chasm continues to widen. Now, election systems corrected and people’s votes actually counted properly, the Democrat party (which by now has the country in such economic and cultural despair, coupled with the grand canyon-like divide between the far left and everyone else) is even more pulverized than they were in this past election (and they were). Donald Trump is President again, or someone of his mindset, and the bulk of the Republican party is now with him.

      You know that pendulum we just saw swing so violently to the Left? At this point, it swings even more violently to the right. You know that chasm that’s widened past being tenable? Well you can see where this goes.

      This is the reason the Left should really, really, REALLY be careful about how they do things right now, and how loudly they celebrate their “victory”. But they aren’t being careful or wise at all, and when that pendulum swings back there’s going to be hell to pay.

      The second scenario–and I personally view this one as more likely–is that chasm widens so much, so quickly, that some form of actual warfare breaks out. This is what we’re hurtling toward, both via the Color Revolution template and by the actions of the careless, unwise Left in their “orange man gone” stupor. Once that snowball starts rolling down the hill, there will be no force on Earth that can stop it. Nobody will “win”, but your side will definitely lose the most unless China puts boots on the ground here–which would likely spell the end of the world as we know it (in almost every possible way).

      Then there’s the third, utterly ridiculous possibility. That is that the people–Right AND Left–actually wake up to what is happening and who’s behind it, unify en masse against the Nancy Pelosi/Mitch McConnell/Clinton/Bush/John Roberts/Facebook/Twitter/Amazon/WalMart/MEDIA/Alphabet Agency ESTABLISHMENT, and utterly defy and disrupt, TOGETHER, the whole plan.

      You’ll know that’s happened when you see the Ocasio-Cortez/Gaetz wedding announcement in The Washington Post.

      Still not sure I’d believe it, though. You can’t believe anything you read in that rag.

      1. This country is built on idealism. Both the Left and the Right want fair elections and live freely and safely (from persecution from the established majority). Both want fair elections. Why do you think the pendulum swung so violently to the left? It’s because the system is rigged against the non-majority, and people were not allowed to live their lives under the established system. Are you wanting fair elections for all Americans or are you just mad that the pendulum swung? If the Right is committed to a fair system, now we’re getting somewhere.

        As for the Color Revolution, it’s good to know there’s a name for it. You say you are aware you’ve been played. If this is the case, why are you so certain the election was stolen from Trump. I think you are wanting to believe his words and not really looking at him. He’s a charlatan. He’s using you all to win. To get rich. To be more powerful. Every court without exception has turned down his bullshit claims of fraud because there’s no evidence and only his words. You can say this is part of the Establishment plan to get rid of him but I’m afraid the truth is more mundane- he simply lost. He didn’t have the votes. In fact, if the 200,000 suppressed votes in Georgia had been allowed to count, he would have lost by a lot more. I hope the Right doesn’t burn the country down because they believe Trump. I don’t know what the end game is, but I think whoever is running this color Revolution wants the destruction of America. And the Right is taking the bait.

        1. I have been around a long time, 81 years, I am probably a bit above average in most aspects or standards, as Americans would be described. I am by nature liberal (lower-case l) and not political. But when I came home from my six-year tour of military service, around the same time that our involvement in Vietnam was being so heavily protested, I then leaned a little Left and when FOX gained traction on the air I hated those people because they defended that which I despised and as far as I was concerned they did an awful lot of lying in the process. Back then I probably followed Democracy Now most of the time.

          Fast forward to the beginning of the 2016 election process, by then my wife and I had our own large flatscreens side by side on the same wall, we used wireless headsets for sound. Those TVs were used primarily evenings only, my wife usually on CNN and mine all over looking for the highest truth, I covered them all to the degree that I could figure them out and know who the greatest liars were. You can guess where that finally put me, FOX’s Tucker Carlson being about the only one on FOX that was close to my sentiments. Spent some time on RT also. But always staring me in the face throughout the next four years were the banners across the bottom of my wife’s screen; HATE TRUMP, HATE TRUMP, HATE TRUMP … for four years I could not walk into the room without there being a huge caption on her set condemning Trump in some form or fashion, his name was always there somewhere. Plus of course the running captions of the conversation to which I could easily read when interested, or when even more interested, I had but to poke a button on my headphones to transfer the sound from her set to me … so I was well informed concerning the differences between news sources. It had not really taken me long to come to the conclusion that back in the day when FOX was cutting down the Clintons with what I thought then to be extravagant lies, it turns out they had been much closer to truths. One has to consider the whole lot of them to know where the highest truth is.

          But in being an inveterate truth-seeker, I found that I had to spend a lot of time on the Internet because that is where people that love truth share it. People like that are not doing what they do for fame or fortune. Depending on the time of the year whether I had outside projects to take care of or not, I spent most of my time at my computers (I have three going at once usually). The recent months have been intensely interesting, but getting harder and harder to find or share the truth because of the ever-increasing censorship by those interests that fear the truth, seeing it as a threat to their world stature, either directly or via pressures from those “above” them in the world hierarchy.

          I can very confidently say that for the most part concerning politics, RT and FOX had the highest truths, and the rest of the Main Stream Media was so far gone that they had repeated their sound-bite lies so often and so vigorously that you would think that they may have actually come to believe their own hype. You would have to be dumb to believe that, so it must be that it was for other reasons, such as fame and fortune amongst their peers, that inspiring them to “perform” as they do, never getting very close to any truth.

          So let me tell you, Sir, that I recognize your words and belief system as being very close to that of the person that sat next to me evenings glued to the Hate Trump Mantra … talk about Fake News, Trump was right-on! What you do not know you do not know … and it shows, loud and clear. (most notable in your denial of the funding and intentions for BLM and ANTIFA, ever heard of George Soros?) …

          Yes, we have been divided, for control, one of the oldest methods known to mankind to conquer then control, to keep the people at each other’s throats so that they will never look-up and see their “puppet master” that pulls their (our) strings. There exists a sinister Cabal of extremely wealthy families associated with the names of Rothchild and Rockafeller that have long been working at achieving a One World Government, a New World Order, for complete control and domination of this entire planet. They work down two paths, the one associated with the Republican/Capitalist branch and the other the Democrat /Socialist branch … ultimately both lead back to the top, the source, and that is Communism! People that would be Free and self-determinate, must do everything in their power to recognize this evil potential. It often being those associated with the organized Christian Religion that are the most aware, because their very faith is all about the differences between good and evil … they are more likely to know it when they see it. The Party of the Liberal are often too naive to see the evil “above” them, thus thinking that the Party across from themselves just has to be evil if there is such a thing, surely not in their own Leadership.

          The party of Trump, would be in comparison, the “White Hats” and “your” party Sir, are the Black Hats. One “side” is associated with higher character around honor and truth, the other being so much less so, as to be mainly a bunch of “followers” with low standards. IMnsHO and E so far.

          Please bear in mind that what you might take as an insult is nothing more than the workings out of the fact that the truth only hurts those in denial of it. Please, for the sake of all of us down here on the “lower plane”, consider my words and reconsider your loyalty to your Socialist ambitions.

  2. I have to say I disagree with both of you…
    MJ- For a group so small and unorganized, you seem to be well-funded and in positions to affect the changes you seek; we’re seeing those changes taking place at an alarming pace with the new administration.

    Commander Cole-I wish I could believe the elections in 2022 and 2024 will have any impact on changing the trajectory. With the same voting machines in place and the unconstitutional tactics used to perpetuate fraud now expected to become legal by H.R. 1 how will a citizen’s vote have any impact? Yes, voting is important, however, if the process of counting the vote remains fraudulent how will the next elections make any difference? As my husband says to me often, “you can have the crime on video but if you don’t have a court willing to see it, the crime never happened”. Also you mention the CIA’s involvement as part of the Color Revolution; how does voting root out the deep state actors there and in many of the other alphabet agencies? Maybe I’m alone in this thought process, but I don’t have a lot of faith in our election process as the solution. Help me find your faith.

    1. Your vote doesn’t matter nor has it. Voting is pointless and not worth your time.

      The system is rigged and playing the system like you think you got a chance is a waste of time.

      The one solution left is the one everyone is afraid of.

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