Your country is calling. It's time to get involved!

Join the Civilian Defense Force

Thank you for your interest in joining the Civilian Defense Force. We assume you’ve taken some time to look over our website and get a feel for who we are and what we do. We also expect you to have read, understood, and accepted the entire contents of our CDF Membership page, which lays out the basic requirements for joining. If you’ve reached this “join” page via a direct link or other process that did not first include the CDF Membership page, please visit that page and follow it’s instructions before proceeding with the application activity.

Steps for applying to join the Civilian Defense Force (must be completed in order):

  1. Check our map page to see if there is a Unit or State Corps serving your area. If there is, write down the UNIT DESIGNATOR (ie 101Delta) that appears with the unit you’ve chosen, as well as any Commander and contact information provided with that Unit/Corps listing.
  2. Determine for yourself if you would like to join the Unit you’ve selected, or if (where applicable) you’d like to start your own*. If your state is served by a State Corps, you must participate through the Corps because those states do not have unaffiliated local Units.
  3. To join an existing Unit or Corps, you only need to contact the listed Commander for that Unit/Corps. Contact details (usually email, but sometimes other methods) are found with the Unit/Corps listing on the map. Unit/Corps commanders will provide further instruction for you, and will handle the processing of your application according to their rules.
  4. If no Unit exists in your area you must form a new Unit; there is no other path to Civilian Defense Force membership. To form and become the Commander of a new CDF Unit, please visit the Unit Formation Basics page and follow the instructions contained therein.

That’s it! Welcome to the Civilian Defense Force!

* If a local Unit exists in your area you may be permitted to start a different unit in the same general area, but this requires approval from National which is rarely granted. See the Unit Formation Basics page for more details.