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Is There A Unit In My Area?

Before beginning your Civilian Defense Force journey, you must have a starting point. This page is that point.

No one can become a member of the CDF without joining an existing Unit or State Corps, or (where applicable) forming a new one.

Most locations in the country will follow the “Local Unit Method”. In these areas, joining is as easy as finding, on the map shown below, a Unit that serves your area and getting in touch via the contact information presented. Each Unit has it’s own procedures and requirements for joining, which will be explained to you when you make contact with that Unit’s representative (usually the Unit Commander). If you do not find a Unit in your area, or you’re not satisfied with the one you do find*, you must start a new one. The procedure for doing so is very straightforward and can be done by anyone who meets the requirements (as explained on the “Unit Formation Basics” page).

CDF membership is handled differently in Region 3 (South Central). This is because in that area we still operate via a procedure we initially adopted and which already has strong roots.

  • Region 3 encompasses the following states:
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • Louisiana
    • New Mexico
    • Oklahoma
    • Texas

These states operate on the State Corps principle; potential members from these states contact the State Corps Commander, who will bring them into the Corps from any location within that state. Members will serve under the State Corps at large, or as part of a “Corps Garrison” that serves their geographical location. This will be further explained to you by the State Corps Commander (or other intake representative) for your state.

States presently served by a State Corps are shown individually on the map, and you must contact the representative for that Corps directly. If your state does not show a State Corps, you must contact the Region 3 Commander (look for a pin within the region) who will instruct you further.

At present there is no provision for starting an individual local Unit in Region 3; all would-be members within that region must follow the State Corps procedure outlined above. Every other region in the country follows the Local Unit Method.

To begin, find your geographical location on the map below. Zoom in as closely as you wish, even down to “street level”, to see what (if any) Unit serves that area.

CDF Units Map

Once you’ve determined what Unit or State Corps serves your location, simply make contact with that Unit/Corps’ representative via the method shown on the “pin” corresponding to that Unit/Corps.

If no satisfactory* Unit serves your location, you must form a new Unit.

There is no other way to join the Civilian Defense Force.

* the procedure (and requirements) for forming a new Unit in an area served by an existing Unit is outlined on the “Unit Formation Basics” page. While possible under certain circumstances, this is typically not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Regional and State lines on this map are drawn relatively accurately, but they are not perfect. Actual state borders must be used when determining the CDF state/region for a particular area. Similarly, Unit boundary lines as shown here are relatively accurate, but in instances where Unit Areas of Operation potentially overlap, a more detailed map will be provided (down to street level, if necessary) by National to corresponding Unit Commanders.