Your country is calling. It's time to get involved!

Every American Patriot as a role to play in the saving of our great nation. If you love this country and hate watching it slip away, you must get involved now.

In the fight for America, there can be no bystanders.

We believe this wholeheartedly, which is why we created the Civilian Defense Force with everyone in mind. 25 and physically fit? Fantastic! 75 and confined to a wheelchair? There’s plenty for you to do, too. Military veteran? High school student? Housewife? You have something of value to contribute.

What if you don’t have a lot of time, or your job makes identifying with “Patriot” groups problematic? There’s still a way you can help us to save the nation! A true American Patriot will always find a way to do something to help us achieve our mission, even if it doesn’t mean attending meetings or standing the wall when the burning and looting starts in your area.

But what kind of something?

There are three primary avenues by which Patriots can support our cause. Two of these are active-participation opportunities, with their own side-streets and areas of specialization. These are the “lifeblood” of the organization. The third avenue, however, is just as important as the first two; that’s the financial support that we desperately need to keep the whole operation afloat. We’ll start with that.

Freedom-fighting ain’t free.


The Civilian Defense Force is comprised of Patriots who’ve made it their mission to help keep American citizens safe and free. But freedom-fighting comes with costs, and these costs include the type you pay with dollars. Our expenses include everything from the cost of web hosting to the price of additional security. We operate on a shoestring, and we always will–we refuse to be beholden to anyone because of money (or we’d be no better than our sellout politicians)–but the reality is that operating an organization like this requires real cash. If you can find no other way to help, your cash donation will go a long way toward ensuring that our efforts succeed.

The CDF does not require payment from anyone. We don’t charge membership dues and we don’t ask units to pay any kind of registration fee. We demand patriotism and good character–that’s it. We also don’t pay salaries or other compensation to anyone. Everything that everyone does in the CDF is strictly voluntary. Because we ask our members to freely give so much of their time and talents , we don’t feel right asking them to pay for the privilege.

Maybe you can’t assist us with boots on the ground. Could you perhaps help with dollars in the wallet?

Sustainer Track participants can donate in two ways; either with a one-time contribution, or with a monthly “sustaining” donation arrangement.

Please visit our Donation page for more details. We accept donations by credit card via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account) and soon, we’ll accept cryptocurrencies as well.

Donate through PayPal

It’s fast, easy, and safe…and you can use a credit or debit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Defense is our strength.


This is the group within the Civilian Defense Force that trains for and carries out defensive activities, rescue missions, and community assistance in times of emergency. These are our true “citizen soldiers”. They fill sandbags during a flood, pound the bushes during search-and-rescue operations, and stand guard with rifles when the looters arrive. These are the folks on the street for the local neighborhood watch, and will be the folks in the trenches if (Heaven forbid) shooting ever starts. This is our front-line, “core” group. They receive heavy training in everything from combat tactics to first aid, weapons safety to shelter-building. They learn tactical planning, equipment maintenance, physical fitness, and leadership skills (among many, many other things).

To be a part of this track, you should be strong of mind, body, and character. You should be able to equip yourself with the basic tools (including firearms, communications equipment, and other tactical gear). And of course you must be willing to put yourself in harms way in defense of your community and your neighbors.

Warrior Track participants can earn recognition as members of the Order of the Sword, known as Paladins. Paladins can further earn accolades within other, more specialized Sword orders.

Are you a “proper fit” for Warrior Track? Take our “Where Do I Fit In” Assessment to find out!

The Paladins

Warrior Track participants can qualify for special “Paladin” recognition within “The Order of the Sword”.

We can’t all be fighters.


Not all members of the Civilian Defense Force are ideally suited physical or “combat” positions. Their contributions are nevertheless equally important. Support Track members fill roles that keep the organization and our citizen soldiers functional.

These roles can be in the clerical, administrative, legal, political, or financial fields. They could be public relations or information technology positions. Or they could be more traditional roles like cook, gardener, seamstress, armorer, or gunsmith. There are people who can shoot bumble-bees out of the air, but can’t boil water. Someone has to prepare meals for them, or mend their clothes. Someone else has to transport them to their duty areas, or repair their vehicles so they can transport themselves. There are many jobs that must be done to help us be successful, and none are too small or unimportant.

Support Track participants can earn recognition as members of the Order of the Shield, known as Guardians. Guardians can further earn accolades within other, more specialized Shield orders.

Are you better suited for Support Track? Take our “Where Do I Fit In” Assessment to find out!

The Guardians

Support Track participants can qualify for special “Guardian” status as part of the “Order of the Shield”.