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A divided public




A stolen election


Our United States is anything but united. We’ve undergone a summer of rioting, looting, burning, and mayhem, and that’s only just getting started. We’ve suffered through a year of draconian measures to “protect” us from a virus, but the cure is far more destructive than the disease. And now, our right and ability to choose our own leaders has been stolen from us with a fraudulent election, and our government has been rendered invalid with the installation of an illegitimate President.

No matter how you look at it this country is in trouble, and when trouble is the everyday condition, violence and destruction will be also. It isn’t a matter of if, but when and how much.

But you’re a patriot. You love this country. You refuse to stand by and watch it burn while our “leaders” sell us out to our enemies and their miscreant minions run rampant in the streets.


The sun is setting on America.

The enemies of this nation are no longer knocking at the door; they’re inside, and they have been for awhile.

They intend to destroy everything that has made America great, and they’re well on their way to doing so.

Over the past year we’ve seen things none of us would have believed we’d ever witness in this country, certainly not in our lifetimes. Criminals run amok, rioting and looting in cities across the nation as prosecutors refuse to put them in jail. Citizens prohibited from attending church and children from attending school, while strip clubs and liquor stores maintain “business as usual”. Small businesses forced to close while large corporations reap record profits. Mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, and soon enough, forced vaccination. And if you don’t comply, you won’t be able to shop or work anywhere–and all of this over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

And now, the ultimate betrayal…our vote stolen from us through massive and obvious election fraud, and nobody–not the state or federal government, not the courts, not the military–has been willing to stand up and do anything at all about it.

The American dream–the American way–is dying. Or more to the point, anti-Americans within our own borders are killing it.

Some of us aren’t just going to let it happen.

Most of us have sat quietly as our country has burned.

No more.

Like you, we’re patriots who love our country. We have homes we’ve built, jobs we’ve earned, families we love, neighbors we care about.

Our communities are important to us, and so are the freedoms that have allowed us to build them. We’re watching in real time as existing safeguards are breaking down. That’s by design; our enemies are destroying the protections that keep us free, and they’re doing it from within.

The Civilian Defense Force was created to step into the gap as those protections become inadequate for the job. We’ll rise to the challenge, standing between our communities and the enemies of America–the enemies of peace.

If this means helping out in crises such as natural disaster, we’ll be there. If it means taking up arms to stand the line against lawlessness and aggression, that’s what we’ll do. No matter the situation, the CDF will always be neighbors coming together to hold the line and protect the peaceful lives we’ve worked so hard to build.

We are the “faithful companion”.

When the wolves are howling, the shepherd drives them off. We stand by the shepherd’s side.

We’re not the shepherds for our community; we’re the faithful companion. That’s how we like to see ourselves.

If you’ve ever known a sheep dog, you know they’re friendly, outgoing, even playful. But when the time comes for duty, they’re loyal, aggressive, and fierce. The Civilian Defense Force is the neighborhood sheep dog.

Our existing safeguards–law enforcement, for instance–are the shepherds, and our communities are the flock. We’re right there to help stand guard, and fight when necessary. And if the time arises that we must step up and be the protector?

We’ve got our community’s “six”.

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before.

Our nation is facing the greatest danger it has ever seen.

At no point in American history has the danger to our republic been so grave. Our schools have been infiltrated, our courts compromised, and now America’s enemies are entrenched in the deepest recesses of our government. This has resulted in a complete breakdown of law and order, including a two-tiered justice system in many places. Most disturbingly, it has culminated in our losing the most fundamental right necessary to remain a free people–our right to vote.

On November 3rd, in brazen and callous fashion, our supposed free and fair election was sabotaged by massive fraud perpetrated on an unfathomable scale. Eighty million voters were instantly disenfranchised by wide-ranging, demonstrable corruption, unconstitutional rule changes, and outright cheating. Despite mountains of clear-cut evidence of the fraud, including obvious interference by world governments hell-bent on destroying our nation, NO ONE has been arrested, prosecuted, or punished. In fact, no court will bother to look at the evidence; even the Supreme Court has refused, kicking the can down the road for someone else to sort out.

American voters chose, by an overwhelming majority, who we trust to lead us–and that choice was utterly cast aside in favor of an illegitimate puppet whose installation under these circumstances completely nullifies our ability to decide who governs us.

This travesty spells the death of our Republic in no uncertain terms.

The Civilian Defense Force recognizes this danger and joins in the call for patriots to stand up to save our country. It is our right to throw off a government that no longer serves us. In fact, it’s our duty. In this case, it isn’t even a government we chose in the first place. Therefore we remove our consent to be governed, as we are obligated as free Americans to do.

“Mainstream Media” and “Big Tech” cannot be trusted.

For most of our lifetimes mainstream media has been dubious at best. Now, it’s pure propaganda.

It used to be that media was expected to hold our public servants to account. Not anymore; now the media does the bidding of the worst of them.

Our legacy media is unreliable (at best) or corrupted (at worst). They cannot be counted on to find and tell the truth. With no fear of being exposed (and in fact, assurances that they won’t be) our “leaders” are free to sell America down the river…and they have.

To make matters worse, we can’t count on independent journalism either…not because it’s compromised, but because social media and big tech are committed to censorship on a scale that would make Stalin proud. Truth-telling voices are being silenced, and even de-platformed, across the spectrum of social media and the internet. Even web hosts are being pressured to remove sites that don’t meet with the approval of our anti-American overlords; sites just like this one disappear without warning, without legitimate reason, and without recourse simply because they don’t hold to the approved “narrative”.

In short, if you’re an American patriot, you cannot expect to be fairly represented–and if you’re one of the millions who still believe that these outfits have integrity, you’ll be easily (mis)led to the slaughter.

The Civilian Defense Force is committed to being an outlet for truth, and supporting others who respect freedom of speech and are dedicated to seeing it preserved.

Is this the end of America?

That has yet to be determined–but it’s not looking good.

With the dangers we face and the brazen way our enemies are wielding their power, it seems as if this could be the end of our once proud and glorious nation. We may be witnessing the death of America on our watch.

Who’s to say?

Finally, an easy answer…

you are! You and millions of other American patriots. Together we outnumber our enemies significantly. And that’s important, because we’re all that stands between the continuance of the American experiment and the destruction of the greatest nation to have ever graced the planet. It’s true that our Republican form of government is no more, but America the nation lives on in our hearts and souls. We can recapture what was stolen and rebuild what was destroyed.

The Civilian Defense Force stands with you, Patriot! We’ll teach you how to be strong for our country, how to serve no matter what your capabilities and limitations are, and then we’ll place you shoulder to shoulder with other proud Americans just like you–your neighbors, your friends, your true countrymen!

America the Republic may be dead, but America the ideal remains with us. We will pursue this ideal until it is made reality once more.

The Civilian Defense Force has a message for the enemies of America…

So what is the Civilian Defense Force?

People just like you. We’re your friends, family, neighbors.

The Civilian Defense Force is everyday Americans, just like you. We raise our families, do our jobs, eat barbecue on the 4th of July. We appreciate our freedoms, honor those who sacrificed to win and protect them, and teach our children to respect our flag and anthem. We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, regardless of race or religion or orientation. But we expect our rights and property to be respected, too. We’re tired of being silenced, intimidated, threatened, vandalized, looted, and assaulted. We’re tired of being told that we are racist, or “privileged”, or that because we’ve worked hard to make the lives we enjoy, we’ve somehow wronged someone who hasn’t. We’re weary of being talked down to, virtue-signaled, and lied to. Mostly, we’re disgusted with how our freedoms, our history, and our way of life are under attack–and nobody seems willing to even speak out, let alone stand against it.

So we will!

We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We enjoy all the freedoms that being an American allows; coming and going as we please, raising our children as we see fit, practicing our religious beliefs without interference. We enjoy our neighborhoods, festivals and parks, the lake at sunset, a night on the town with a loved one. We believe in free speech, and the right to speak our minds.

But our freedoms are under attack, and so are we.

We’re dismayed as we see our freedoms increasingly trampled upon or taken away. We’ve been virtue-signaled, gas-lighted, and browbeaten by the thought police for far too long. We want to vote for who we choose, and believe what we believe, but if it doesn’t fit their world view it simply isn’t permitted. And now, they won’t even honor the votes we do cast. They behave as if we aren’t smart enough to make our own choices, or to see what’s really going on. When we do see it and call them out on it, they threaten our lives and livelihoods.

But we will not be silenced. We will not be afraid. The Civilian Defense Force is freedom-loving Americans coming together to say enough is enough.

We’re joining as one because we’re stronger together.

We all know there’s strength in numbers. Now we don’t have to feel so alone, so helpless, so afraid. We’re neighbors helping neighbors, and so much more. We’re the strong protecting the weak, the community standing together as one against the increasing threat of violence, mayhem, and the overreach of a fraudulent government ignoring our will and putting us last.

Our mission is simple.

We are gathering together in our communities to protect our communities, standing strong for America and American patriots.

The Civilian Defense Force is an all-volunteer community-based civic organization, the mission of which is to defend and protect our neighborhoods from threats that may overwhelm existing safeguards. These threats may include natural disaster, the activities of foreign adversaries on American soil, or domestic lawlessness and oppression. We stand in opposition to those who seek to reduce or otherwise tamper with our constitutional rights or would interfere with the free exercise thereof, including via means of coercion such as intimidation through violence. We train to present a strong, united response when faced with crises such as these, to protect our lives and the lives of our neighbors; our property; and our established way of life. We do this without regard to race, creed, or religion, and with an abiding respect for the United States Constitution and the laws which spring from it.

Across the country we are connecting neighbors with neighbors, bringing their skills together and teaching them new ones, with the intention of protecting our neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions. We respect everyone’s rights as Americans, including the right to peacefully speak, gather and protest–but protest does not mean vandalize, terrorize, or destroy. Accosting citizens is not peaceful. Destroying monuments is not peaceful. Burning, defacing, and threatening businesses is not peaceful. We will stand together to make sure these non-peaceful, unlawful behaviors do not happen in our communities. Looking to the rest of the country, election fraud is the ultimate in non-peaceful activity as it disenfranchises millions of voters and costs them their rightful representation within the government.

Our mission is to defend. We have no interest in attacking anyone, or provoking engagement of any kind, but we will stand and defend when our friends, neighbors, businesses, structures, monuments, and property are under threat. We will protest injustice and fraud, including election fraud, and resist by whatever means possible any attempt by imposters to govern us. We support law enforcement, and we vow to work within the bounds of the law to protect our brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community as we protect our own lives and property.

We believe in equality and the fair and equal treatment of every American. We do not discriminate, and we do not permit hateful behavior toward anyone because of their race, creed, religion, or orientation. But we also do not tolerate terrorism, intimidation, or activities that trample our rights and the rights of others within our communities. We do not wish to fight, but we train to do so in case we must to protect our rights, lives, and property.

We love America, respect her laws, and will stand up for both to our utmost ability. We love our communities, and will help our neighbors when danger presents itself, whether natural or man-made. We will defend when attacked, without regard to whether those who engage us are foreign or domestic enemies. When our liberties, including our right to free and fair elections, are threatened we’ll do what is right and necessary. That is our mission. That is our vow.

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