Your country is calling. Get involved NOW!

The CDF “FlagStreet USA” Demonstration

In the days following 9/11/01 every street in America became “Flag Street”…

The Civilian Defense Force has organized a demonstration to make America “Flag Street” once more.

Patriots across the nation are sickened by what we see going on around us–our country being torn apart by division and hatred, evils sown by Marxist enemies of America who hope to destroy us with their “divide and conquer” tactics. They hope to drive wedges between us until we no longer stand united.

Sadly, their plan is working.85%

But as we did when terrorists attacked almost twenty years ago, we will do against today’s terrorist attackers as well…

We will come together and stand as one.

We’re organizing a show of strength.

Backed by the Civilian Defense Force, FlagStreet USA puts America’s enemies on notice.

On Sunday, October 25th, American Patriots will take to the streets.

We’ll come out of our homes and businesses with one purpose in mind–to paint our country red, white, and blue!

We’ll display the symbol of American strength and freedom that so many have chosen lately to disrespect and dishonor–our magnificent American Flag! Old Glory herself will lead us in parades, protests, and proclamations. She’ll adorn our houses, cars, and businesses. We’ll carry her down the street and through the countryside, as she has carried us through the toughest of times since the dawning of our nation.

Those who hate our country have chosen to disrespect and disparage our flag and our anthem–but on this day, Patriots everywhere will stand and say “NO MORE!”

Old Glory on parade!

The only flag kneeling we accept…

Here’s how you can stand for America and make FlagStreet USA a success!

There are many levels of participation that will allow you to “show your (stars and) stripes”, and declare that you are an American Patriot who loves our country and flag!

Show your flag – fly Old Glory on your house, business, car, or bike! Leave it up all day today, and for as long as you feel the need to say “I love America and all this flag stands for!”

Sign our online petition – This will only take a few moments, but will send a message to those in government and the corporate world who make the decision to protect and promote–or disrespect and disgrace–our national anthem and flag!

We’re going to forward this petition to the NFL, NBA and other professional sports leagues who have allowed our flag and anthem to be dishonored. We’ll make sure other major corporate entities see it as well, so that they understand they’ve wounded the heart of America with their callous disregard for every soldier who has died for this flag, every son or daughter of America who has sacrificed to keep it flying and keep us free!

We’ll let them know that when it comes to the flag, there’s only one kind of kneeling we’ll ever accept…

Find or organize a parade/gathering
– Use our Events Look-Up Page to find FlagStreet Events in your area, and show up with your flag! If there are none, create/sponsor one! Here’s how.

Contact local political leaders
– Urge them to pass proclamations, designate streets or parks as FlagStreet Patriot Areas, or whatever you can think of to help them help America. Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper are also good ways to promote the event.

Contact Veteran’s Organizations – Talk to their leadership members and see what you can do to get them involved. Here’s a list you can start with, but don’t forget to contact your local organizations directly.

Donate to the cause – The Civilian Defense Force is an all-volunteer organization that does not receive government or corporate funding. We function entirely on the money we receive from Patriots like you. If you can’t participate in any other way, but still want to help, consider making a donation today.

Help organize parades and other public gatherings!

And don’t forget, the best thing you can do to help your community is Join the CDF!

The Civilian Defense Force is building units in every county in the country.

Your friends and family, your businesses, your towns. The only way to be sure someone cares about these things is to be the person who cares! Join your neighbors in standing strong to protect the community you love.

Join the CDF today!