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Eye on the Eagle (an Epiphany)

It’s been a long three months. For the average American, things since November 3rd have been a bit whacky, to say the least. But for people like us, who live and breathe politics and the impact they have on our way of life…well, it’s been something else.

The Eagle Has Been Flying Low

There’s little doubt that America has been laid low by the events of the past quarter. As a nation we’ve witnessed things no true American could ever have imagined would be permitted, let alone actually take place, on our sacred soil. Free and fair elections are now a thing of the past, censorship and brazen violations of our first amendment rights are now commonplace, our Supreme Court has abdicated all responsibility for maintaining Constitutional order, and our federal government has been utterly hijacked by a bloodless coup that is obvious to everyone yet continues without serious opposition. Democrats are now unabashed Communists, Republicans are now Democrats, and Donald Trump–the only chance we had at heading all of this off at the pass, appears to have been emasculated and seems now to be in hiding.

The Eagle’s flight is so low at this point, it’s wing tips are skimming the water.

But stay with that visual for a moment (as I did, leading me to this revelation)…

Ask yourself this–what usually happens when the Eagle flies low and touches the water with the tips of it’s impressive wings?

The Eagle gets fed. He draws low to the water to snatch his meal; unseen, unheard, and unchallenged. The unsuspecting fish that finds itself in the powerful talons of the magnificent raptor stands no chance. Swimming along clueless, it seems to be in complete control–but is actually right where the Eagle wants him.

Patriots, we have the enemies of America right where we fucking want them. And unlike the unsuspecting fish, these assholes know it. They’re terrified, and it shows.

Consider these facts, which are not disputable:

  • Before Trump took office, our national debt was unsustainable. Truly, there was virtually no way the nation could recover from the spending sprees of the past, especially with a weak economy. It turns out Trump really is an economic genius, and presided over the greatest economy in history. It’s possible that had that been permitted to continue, there may have been some measure of salvation from our debt crisis–but alas, in their zeal to destroy his greatest accomplishment and end his glorious ascension, the Democrat enemies of America unleashed the COVID beast. Whether or not they had a hand in the virus getting loose is as yet unclear, but they and their media sycophants undoubtedly pushed the scare button at every opportunity, and instituted tyrannical policies that utterly destroyed the small business base in this country, effectively crippling the economy and ensuring horrendous unemployment numbers for a long time to come.
  • Because of this COVID hoax, the already-unsustainable debt was increased exponentially. And that continues as we speak. There is no way to recover from this debt; no good way, no bad way, no way period. The economy will collapse, and the result will be devastating. This situation is so bad there is absolutely no way to accurately predict just what will happen, but none of the possibilities are anything the average first-world citizen can fathom. A reliable report from a typically-accurate prediction house estimates–this is no lie–that the United States population will stand at THIRTY PERCENT of it’s current total just five years from now. This situation is just that serious.
  • Democrats are great at lying and cheating, but absolutely shit at just about everything else, especially running an economy. And, well, Joe Biden! Picture, if you will, an absolutely clueless “leader”, heading an absolutely incompetent party, during what is guaranteed to be the absolute worst economic disaster in human history–after the tenure of the President who demonstrated already his ability to create the absolute greatest economy in American history? This is where we’re going to be in mere months…absolutely! The rest of America–the minority that did NOT vote for Donald Trump–will be screaming for him in no time.
  • The Democrats lost badly in the House, and hold the tenuous lead they have there only because the fix was in with several of those races as well. Likewise the Senate, though they aren’t as likely to lose control of that chamber in two years as they are the House. Trump has already said he’s focused on making sure the Democrats get smoked (again) in 2022, and if we do our jobs correctly–which I’ll explain in another post–we’ll not only take the House from the Democrats, but from non-Trump Republicans as well.
  • The election was rigged, and will be again without significant reforms–BUT, and this is important, a large majority of state legislatures are controlled by Republicans, and they’re on to the scheme. The shenanigans that went on in 2020 won’t be effective in 2022, and by 2024 (when they could potentially be) there will have been enough changes to the system to make it nearly impossible for them to cheat again. Moreover, they’ve shown their hand twice now; everyone knows about it, knows how they did it, and simply won’t stand for it again. They pulled out all the stops to defeat Trump, and they have no cards left to play. Patriots, and Donald Trump, are only just getting started.
  • The Republican party, more dangerous than the Democrats at this point, are poised to slip into obscurity. They’ve positioned themselves this way, and a mere nudge will finish that job. Why? Because so much of Republican leadership abandoned the People’s President at the most critical juncture. No one is going to forget the betrayal of Mike Pence; no one is going to forget the betrayal of Mitch McConnell. That list goes on and on. The party will have to decide whether to back the old guard “establishment”–conductors on the gravy train that’s been Washington for the past century or more–or the new People’s Party that brought at least 75 million people out to vote for Donald Trump and completely destroyed the Democrats in the process. Many will lament this reality, claiming that this division will be a blessing to Democrats. Not so fast. The fact is that while Democrats could see a short-term boost from this (and rightfully so, since the Republican leadership has purposely abandoned the people they’re supposed to represent), in the long term nothing–nothing–can stop we the people and the 75 million guaranteed votes we represent. Both the Democrats and Republicans are teetering on the edge of the cliff, and require but a tiny nudge. Personally, I’m interested in toppling the traitor Republicans first; better the enemy I know than the enemy pretending to be my friend. But played correctly, this next two to four years sends BOTH parties swirling down the bowl with the other turds–right where they both belong.
  • The “Tea Party Crazies” that both sides (particularly Republicans) have lamented for the last ten or twelve years gave us the Trump movement, and just as importantly provided a template for success that is paying dividends to this day. Those state legislatures? They are Republican-held specifically BECAUSE of the Tea Party. And the underlying strategy employed by that movement remains viable, except that back then we barely had an idea what we were doing; now, we know exactly how to achieve our goals. This will apply greatly in the coming months on the political scene, and becomes part of our job (as mentioned, I’ll detail this in another post) moving forward.
  • Here’s the biggest, best, most indisputable fact; Patriots are now awake with eyes fully open. Trump may not have been able to drain the swamp, but he fully exposed the creatures therein and threw light their methods, for all the world to see. The political theater is laid bare. We aren’t going to be fooled again. Many of us are no longer laying down. And some–like the CDF–are poised to move beyond our basic mission and into the realm of “Enforcers of the Political Will of the People”. More on this later, but it’s an exciting opportunity to both protect our communities and utilize the power we gain from that to restore our nation to the proper path.

It’s important to note that we will see much darkness before the dawn. Wicked, wicked times are on the horizon, and I don’t just mean by way of the Democrat supermajority (which has it’s own issues at the moment, as Biden attempts to move more toward the center and the loudmouthed Socialists/ANTIFA/BLM factions cry foul). The collapse I described above is coming; it’s real, it will be massive and terrible, and it’s not too far away. It cannot be avoided, and so we will fix ourselves into the best position to survive it and protect our neighbors in the process, all while increasing our own “power” to right the ship when the time comes. Between now and then, though, periods await that will make 2020 seem like 1957. Get prepared now, and continue to prepare. Again, more on this later, but the basics of self-preservation must be undertaken right this minute, with plans made to bring your community through the worst of it. This must be the over-arching focus of our effort at this point in time. The Eagle really is flying low, and there’s danger in that.

It’s our job to make sure he comes up with a fish in his talons.

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7 thoughts on “Eye on the Eagle (an Epiphany)

  1. Commander Cole, not to take away from your message at all but how will a conservative ever win another election? Democrats won by using a variety of fraudulent measures which they plan to legalize in the very first bill they introduce as part of H.R.1. How will America ever survive the rapid transformation they have set in motion happening before our very eyes?

    1. Great question, and here’s the great, long answer…

      First, the reality that represents the elephant in the room for all of us (not just them); we vastly outnumber them, and we have zillions of guns. This is something that ten Biden administrations will never change, no matter how hard he tries. In fact, a Biden administration is going to increase both of those numbers! Sure, he and his cronies will continue to try and whittle away at our gun rights, but in the end the fact remains that nobody–NOBODY–is ever “coming for our guns”. This is a myth that is most often propagated by our side as a scare tactic. It can’t happen, and won’t ever happen.

      Next, regarding elections, there are a few other realities that our side must accept (and we don’t want to because we know our rights were just violated and we want to slap some folks around because of it)…

      The Democrats cheated. The whole world (especially the loudest of them denying it) KNOWS the Democrats cheated. The evidence is crystal clear, and accumulated in multiple places by multiple sources where action CAN and IS being taken to address it. The “irregularities” are exposed now for the whole world to see. Pardon the porn reference, but it’s exceedingly appropriate here–the Democrats “shot their wad” on this one, because they had to; had they not cheated and stolen power, they were finished as a party. Republicans wiped the floor with them, across the board, up and down ballots from coast to coast. I am 100% convinced that if they hadn’t cheated and pulled it off, REPUBLICANS would be sitting on a supermajority right now, and with the large majority of state legislatures in Republican hands as well, the Democrats’ relevance would have been, well, irrelevant. So they did the only thing they could to LITERALLY survive. The fact that they pulled it off lays squarely at the feet of the chicken-shit Supreme Court who let them get away with it, but that won’t last long. These fraud cases are going to be continually brought before courts over the next several years–and most of the courts are chaired by conservatives. Now that they aren’t going to be “responsible” for causing a civil war, those courts will for the most part rule properly and in keeping with the Constitution, and the loopholes that were exploited to make the cheat successful will be closed.

      And there’s that legislature thing. Again, we forget that voting is solely at the command of the state legislatures. That’s Constitutional. But as has so often been the case in the past, folks just looked right past the Constitution and allowed laws to be passed that failed to honor it. Most of the legislatures that allowed their power to be usurped did it without realizing what they’d just signed on to, or without realizing how important it was to fight it when they were bypassed by illegal State Supreme Court and/or Governor’s edicts (in particular Pennsylvania). Everyone is awake to this now, and I assure you that state legislatures will be on top of it from this point forward. I predict that the Pennsylvania situation will wind up in front of SCOTUS, and they will have no choice but to strike down nearly the entire election system for the (very corrupt) state. I live here and I’ve been closely involved in PA politics for decades–believe me when I tell you that the entire system is corrupt, that rigged elections are nothing new, and that for the first time in my life I’m actually confident something will finally be done about it.

      Here’s a third point that ties in…we are finally awake now! Americans had no idea how pervasive these kinds of frauds were in the election system. Again, this has been going on for years, in many of the same areas we saw but also in others. California elections haven’t been fair since Reagan (ask anyone in the Northern half of the state). Maryland, and in particular Baltimore, hasn’t conducted a proper election since Nancy Pelosi’s FATHER was a politician there. A rigged election put John Kennedy in the White House (thank you, Chicago) and changed the course of history. We could go all the way back to Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Election fraud is as American (or anywhere else that men have the potential to control other men) as anything. We’ve just never seen it on this scale, or quite so brazen. We know it now, and we’re all going to be watching for it. In many ways, this little episode could wind up being the very best thing to have happened to the country–IF we, you and I, remain vigilant and remain engaged.

      Which brings me to another tie-in point; 75 million people were robbed of their vote, and they’re pissed. For the first time, they’re engaging in the process like never before. And they’re all true conservatives. These are Trump voters, and real Trump supporters, and they represent more than half the actual voting base of the entire nation. It isn’t just Democrats who are in trouble now; we are real conservatives, and fake RINO Republicans are going to see the worst of the backlash in the next decade. Donald Trump represents a litmus test for Republicans; either they’re Trump Republicans, or they’re Establishment Republicans–and you can spread peach preserves on the Establishment (R)s because they’re toast. The election fraud we’ve just witnessed won’t really protect anyone anymore–it’s too exposed now to be used effectively again–but it especially won’t protect Republicans (proper cheating is almost entirely a Democrat thing). As the Republican party is replaced by real, fighting, Trump-style conservatives, the whole ballgame changes.

      And that brings me to yet ANOTHER tie-in reality; we–you and I–are going to see to all of this!

      Of course we don’t have the power to “fix” the election, or to “decide” the Presidency, or to remove Nancy Pelosi. That isn’t where our power lays. What we DO have the power to do, though, is to make sure that no other fucking Nancy Pelosi ever ascends to high office. And we do that by getting involved in Peoria politics, which is exactly what we’re going to do as an organization, and what we’re going to encourage that 75 million American Patriots to do as individuals.

      Politics works a lot like Major League Baseball; there’s the “big club” (the team you see on TV), made up of all the pros who’ve carefully passed through a filtering system known as the “farm”. The Farm system is all the minor league and semi-professional baseball teams that exist below the major league level. Most players are drafted out of college and are “assigned” to a Class A ball team. They progress through AA and AAA ball before even getting a shot at the “bigs”. In between, there are leagues that play in other countries, during other seasons, etc. This is all training and proving grounds for future superstars.

      Politics works the same way. It’s true that on occasion a “star” will emerge who has almost no experience but whose personality (in the cult-of-personality times we live in) can elevate him/her to the higher offices–the most notable of these n recent memory are Barack Obama and Donald Trump–but for the most part politicians slog through a series of political posts that start local. Pete Buttigieg has risen to national prominence and now serves in the Biden administration after having been promised that position for dropping out of the primaries where he was running for President (and had, at various times, some momentum). He was the (failed) mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Kamala Harris was a local prosecutor before she became a Senator, and we know where she wound up (and how–but we can tell the “Heels-up Harris” story some other time). Eric Swalwell was a city councilman before he became a Representative. The list goes on and on. The fact is that the next Barack Obama could easily be a County Commissioner from Peoria. That’s why we are going to focus on electing quality, Trump-type politicians at the local level. That’s how we take the country back, and make sure that America stays America.

      Now we don’t have every location covered, obviously. But look at the county-by-county map of the recent Presidential election and you’ll see that the majority of the nation went RED. If we fill those counties with Trump-supporting local politicians, the “farm system” will be so thick with right-thinking candidates we’ll be all but guaranteed a proper voice and–again I repeat–we outnumber them, quite handily.

      Our job as fully-engaged American Patriots is to see to it that our voices are heard at the LOCAL level, because that will trickle up. We also have to see to it that school boards across the country are of the right mind (which we can do at the local ballot box) and that teachers unions are either busted completely, or are forced to come around to our way of thinking (which includes the curriculum that our newly-elected school boards will INSIST teaches a proper American position).

      This is how we retake the country. It seems to us right now that this will just take too long–but I’m telling you this is how we got Donald Trump; these very same measures. They were undertaken by a much smaller, much less powerful Tea Party just twelve years ago. The Patriot movement that is now unleashed in this country is MASSIVE in comparison, and pissed at a level never before seen. We have the power to completely transform the entire nation in less than FIVE years if we just stay engaged, stay focused on what matters, and refuse to give up or give in to the enemies who hold the federal government now–because the federal government is really ALL they hold, and that grip is tenuous. Our job is to shake things up in the House just two short years from now, and to rattle the Senate as well. We’ll have the opportunity for both. And if we send the message to BOTH PARTIES (as we will, and are) I believe–

      –and I really do believe this–

      –we’re going to see a fundamental transformation in this country that will be the first bloodless Revolution in world history.

      We really do have our enemies right where we want them. The only question is will we do what we need to do in order to take advantage of it?

      I’m dedicated to just that, and I’m hoping that we’re building an organization here that can help to ensure it.

  2. Gonna need all the good fortune this time around Lucky Jack…

    HR1 is the communists immediate takeover of all elections, and way more too. How? Federalize them. What else would you expect from the communist state? Might wanna take a look before you put all your eagle eggs in one basket. This link provides a brief description, then a link to the entire bill.

    The US, if not the global, monetary system is going to collapse under the weight of massive debt. Of that there is no doubt. We are already equal to Greece when it was at “crisis” levels…worse actually. So, buy and store as much food as you can, in a safe location you will be able to defend. A reliable water supply is the first key ingredient to where that will be. Then buy learn how to use weapons of all kinds. Kinetic (guns, bows, slingshots), cutting (long/short knives, machetes, sabers), booby traps (explosive, warning, foot traps), body (close combat without weapons), and learn how to establish and conduct an AO from start to finish.
    is the gold standard for how to do this.

    You must be willing to act, and pay the price for your action. Otherwise, it’s just self delusion.
    Stand and fight. Refuse to comply. Fight back. Maybe we’ll have an “American Spring” if enough of us do.

  3. The belief that we outnumbered them is a joke. Your lucky if if 3 percent of total gun owners are prepared for a fight. I mean in Physical shape, ammo , training and all that jazz.

    The likey ideal of some great rise isn’t going to happen. The few people will end up doing the work for the rest.

    1. We don’t just outnumber them, but we do so in VAST numbers, and we have a natural progression (aging and becoming wiser) that feeds our numbers while the progression that feeds their numbers (the indoctrination that takes place within our educational and cultural institutions) can be corrected and directed towards us. Our majority will never cease to exist, unless people cease to get old, and they can never increase their numbers to compensate unless all the old people start having lots more kids.

      That’s what I’m talking about, but it’s not what you’re talking about, so let’s address your point. Let’s play the “90% game”. We’ll start with the unlikely (and in my estimation impossible) premise that somehow Biden and his fellow Beto’s (or BETAS, in this case) have somehow managed to get laws passed that ban guns. All guns illegal in private hands as of this moment.

      Let’s say that 90% of those tasked with collecting the guns will actually try (and they won’t, but let’s say they do). That leaves 10% of the would-be collectors refusing. Where are those who are most likely to refuse? IN THE AREAS WHERE MOST OF THE GUNS ARE.

      Next, let’s say that of the 90% who are actually stupid enough to try to collect the guns, they are effective 90% of the time (and they won’t be–not even close). What happens on that tenth collection attempt–the one that’s NOT successful? THE COLLECTOR DIES. How long before there are no more collectors?

      Just for fun though, let’s say that the government successfully collects 90% of the guns and ammunition that are in private hands in America (a laughable proposition for any of a thousand reasons, but humor me). How many guns have they left out there “in the wild”?

      A survey in 2019 found that 37% of American households reported (reported, mind you–how many didn’t and wouldn’t report?) that there was one or more firearm in the household. So at just ten percent of that, you’ve still got 3.7% of American households armed, EVEN AFTER THE 90% “SUCCESSFUL” CONFISCATION EFFORT. There’s your “three percent”–the ones who refuse to turn their guns over, the ones who aren’t afraid to use them, the ones who will truly fight until the gun is pried from their cold, dead hand. How many guns is that?

      Forty million.

      The rule of thumb for active-duty military in the United States–the most powerful military in the world–is about 3.4 guns per person. There are about 3 million active-duty personnel scattered throughout the various branches of the military. Do the math–you’re looking at (roughly) ten million guns in military hands. For fun, let’s put another ten million in police hands. Even with just ten percent of the privately-held weapons still privately held, the police and military in the most powerful country in the world are outgunned two to one.

      But this is all academic. There will NEVER be gun confiscation in the United States. Not ever. And because we’re so heavily armed, there will never be (in my estimation) any activity by any foreign enemy on American soil that isn’t preceded by a barrage of tactical nukes (at least) or some form of truly deadly (not “COVID”) biological weapon that wipes out 90% of the population–


      1. Gun grabber no they wont go door to door. They will out right ban it. Then one by one nail those people who break the law.

        The cops are not your friend and nether is the military. Most of which are not gun people and have little to zero gun experience.

  4. Human society, especially modern society, is highly complex, and opaque. Modernity has bred a world of individualists, influenced by a thousand factors. And this is the main reason no one knows the future.

    Consider Iran fifty years ago. The remnants of a highly-civilized people, advancing slowly into modernity. Given its geographical position and oil resources, an important player in the Cold War. Seventy years ago, an erratic nationalist leader tried to kick out the British and take full control of the oil resources in his country which they had developed, and the income from which was still very important to them. We tried to talk some sense into him — proposing the sort of deal that American oil companies had with Iran’s Arab neighbors — but he wouldn’t listen. We feared the Iranian Communists — with Russia right next door and having, in legal/diplomatic terms, the right to intervene — would take control. So we overthrew him, and gave the Iranian monarch real power, unfettered by a parliament.

    And this man was a real Iranian nationalist, not an American puppet. He worked hard to develop his country, and thereby modernize it. He was not a democrat. [Small d. That is, he didn’t rule in a system of free elections with opposition parties.] There were and are no democrats in that part of the world. And Iran was developing, with a growing middle class.

    And then ….

    No one predicted the Khomeini revolution. The CIA, with every motivation to keep a close watch on Iran, and with plenty of human and financial resources, was caught completely off guard. Reports from Iran by other sources all predicted the Shah would remain in power when the anti-Shah demonstrations began.

    But human society is too complex for such predictions. Even short-term polls — with all the statistical sophistication imaginable — keep getting it wrong: Trump in 2016, Brexit.

    The future is not predictable.

    But here is one truth: in any contest, any struggle beween groups, morale is a critical factor. If you think you’re going to lose, and that your loss will be meaningless —ie. NOT an ‘Alamo’ holding up the enemy advance until your side can mobilize — then that becomes a factor in the struggle … a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your enemy will sense your pessimism, and encourage it, and take advantage of it.

    On the other hand, if you think you’re going to win … that increases your chances of winning — provided you don’t get too self-confident and begin to neglect the other factors that lead to success. Your enemy will sense it, and be demoralized in return. Nothing is inevitable.

    Here’s another truth: the people reading and posting here are not normal. The great majority of Americans — 99% plus — don’t read forums like this, don’t follow politics closely, don’t subscribe to patriotic publications. And in this they are like the great majority of the population of every country that has ever existed. They have enough on their plate just raising a family, advancing a career, taking care of daily life.

    BUT …. it’s completely wrong to think that this great ‘silent majority’ will, despite all events, remain silent forever. No one knows what the Iranian majority was thinking under the Shah. No one really knows what it was that finally triggered them to rise up in their millions, in such unanimity that the military just gave up opposing them.

    It was a catastrophe for Iran and the world that their devotion was captured by a reactionary religious leader, but that’s not the important point here.

    The important point is that, looking back on the past four centuries, in country after country, we see a silent, passive or only intermediately-restive, population … which finally, somehow triggered by events and the right combination of circumstances … rises up, breaks out of its passivity, and makes radical changes.

    Sometimes this ends in failure. Sometimes several paths to the future could be taken … only one can be, and during the events in which people are aroused, it’s not clear which one will be. The path eventually chosen may well depend on the leadership, or lack of it, available, and the decisions it makes. Events are seldom inevitable.

    No one knows the future. Looking back at America and the world 200 years from now, historians or their future equivalents may conclude that what happened was inevitable. They will be wrong. What we do now will influence, maybe decisively, events.

    As a rule, political organizations cannot cause decisive events, but they can then shape their outcome.

    And: what each one of us thinks and feels, is influenced by a hundred different factors: genes, personal history, immediate circumstances. If you get flu, and your lover rejects you and runs off with your best friend , and your investments fail … you will be more inclined to see America’s future pessimistically. And yet none of these events will have anything to do with the factors that will influence America’s future. (I say ‘America’ but what happens to America will influence the entire world.)

    Therefore: if you’re feeling pessimistic about our future … do us all a favor, and keep it to yourself. You may be right, but you may be wrong. But articulate, convincing arguments that we’re all doomed, that it’s no use to fight, that we should just tend our own gardens … will contribute to the likelihood of a ‘pessimistic variant’, as the Russians call it.

    On 22 June, 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. It was a complete surprise (it shouldn’t have been, but Stalin didn’t like to hear bad news). The Wehrmacht had had nothing but victories in Europe against the British and French. The Americans were neutral. Stalin had purged his officer corps of its senior commanders a couple of years earlier. German society was, economically, culturally, technically — in advance of Russian. Large parts of the Soviet population were disaffected from the Communist system — in Ukraine the Germans were welcomed with bread and salt, and hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens joined the German military to overthrow Stalin.

    All the smart money at the time was on a quick German victory.

    But no one knows the future.

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