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The Civilian Defense Force has moved to DEFCON 2 in anticipation of violence leading up to, during, and immediately following the critical electoral college verification/denial that will take place in Washington DC on January 6th. It is important to note that this means all members are on immediate standby; all equipment prepped, weapons cleaned and loaded, radios charged, and COMMS open to receive and relay instructions, AO assignments, etc.

This is not a drill. We fully expect the conflict that we all know is coming to “begin” within the next 5 to 20 days. It is unclear at present what that will entail, who will be involved, where the catalyst activities will occur, and what the role of CDF members and units will be going forward. We are preparing to defend our communities per our mission statement, in addition to supporting the activities of patriots as necessary to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution (also per our mission statement).

Many nefarious circumstances lay at the heart of this growing threat. It is important to understand the official position of the Civilian Defense Force with regard to these circumstances at this point in time. To that end, I offer the following realities and the CDF response to those truths:

  • A coup has been attempted against the United States Government by enemy forces from both outside and within the country. This effort is ongoing, and not one of the conspirators involved has been arrested, prosecuted, or punished. The methods utilized to overthrow the government chosen by the people (embodied in our choice of Donald Trump as President) are several and varied, but the most obvious and egregious was the colossal, wide-spread, blatant and unquestionable electoral fraud that occurred on November 3, 2020. This calculated rigging of our election system resulted in Joseph Biden being illegitimately declared the “winner” of the Presidency by the media, and several states where the worst of the fraud occurred have sent electors to Washington to confirm him. This is an assault on the United States Constitution and violates numerous specific laws that pertain to the assorted frauds that were committed. Mountains of evidence exists showing that Donald Trump was in fact re-elected by a massive plurality of legitimate American voters, and is the proper, legal, legitimate President of the United States for the coming term. Any seating of Joe Biden as President is illegitimate. The Civilian Defense Force will not recognize Biden or in any way support any government which seats him.
  • An ongoing propaganda campaign is being waged by these same enemy actors, primarily from within compromised elements of the government and involving many complicit parts of the “mainstream”, traditional media. This too is widespread, covering numerous angles to facilitate the overthrow of our elected bodies. The most egregious of these efforts are the propping up of the illegitimate would-be President Biden, and the incessant campaign of half-truths and continual pushing of a fear narrative with regard to the COVID-19 virus. Both of these are direct offshoots of the overarching smear campaign that has been waged against Donald Trump since before his inauguration in 2016 and the efforts to effect his removal in 2020. They’ve resulted in the systematic stripping of Liberty for American citizens; continual, blatant violation of law (specifically Constitutional rights); and a nearly unfathomable disinformation effort aimed at the citizenry which has rendered the truth impossible to discern from lies. As a result, tyranny by numerous government officials at the federal, state, and local levels continues to be forced upon American citizens in the name of “public safety”. The Civilian Defense Force disavows these tactics, refuses to recognize or respect the edicts of said tyrants, and expressly denies the legitimacy of any government agent or agency that willfully participates in these efforts. Furthermore, we do not recognize any “mainstream” media source as trustworthy, and therefore will not willingly engage with them in any way from this point forward.
  • In conjunction with the two points listed above, numerous “big tech”/”social media” sites and their principals have engaged in a focused, discriminatory effort to silence dissenting voices that do not agree with their anti-American, Leftist philosophy. In particular, conservative voices and supporters of President Trump have been censored, banned, and de-platformed from numerous sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These actions violate an untold number of laws (including campaign finance laws), and are immoral, anti-Constitutional, and anti-American on their face. The Civilian Defense Force condemns these activities, calls for the removal of “Section 230” protections from platforms such as these, and refuses to participate with/on those systems except as we see fit to maintain direct communication with the President and his allies. We do not and will not ever maintain a presence on Facebook or Instagram; do not and will not maintain a presence on YouTube, or utilize other Google services; and maintain only a cursory presence on Twitter in order to receive the President’s tweets directly. Beyond that we do not advocate any interaction with these anti-American entities, and specifically discourage our members from utilizing them in any way.

In total, the above-named circumstances have created an untenable position for American Patriots with regard to all the entities listed. We believe that these circumstances have eroded the foundation upon which America has stood for nearly two and a half centuries, and the ground under our feet is now monumentally uncertain. This situation can only be remedied by the restoration of the legitimate President; a fully audited and corrected election; arrests and prosecutions for all those involved in the electoral fraud and related crimes; arrests and prosecution of all identified coup-conspirators; the stripping of special protections for media/social media/tech; and the removal of all undue “lockdowns” and other mandates related to the overblown COVID-19 hysteria.

Short of the realization of these remedies, we believe that conflict between American Patriots and the anti-American elements which have fostered this situation is inevitable.

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3 thoughts on “DEFCON 2

  1. Illegitimate is the right word, exactly. Not given the consent of the governed in any way, shape, or form. Stealing is a crime. Stealing of this magnitude is a tragedy, and cannot be tolerated. It must be stopped.

    We have spoken using the ballot box, but our voices have been stolen and silence.
    We have tried to speak using the jury box, but our voices have been ignored by those entrusted to hear them.

    We have little left but the cartridge box, which we do not wish to use. However, it is our founder’s command that we do so if need be. Well, the time is fast approaching where that need will be. So be it.

    For 245 years our fathers and forefathers have passed down to their posterity the blessing of freedom in the form of a Republic. We refuse to be the generation that fails in this solemn duty. We will throw off the chains of communist/marxist slavery and pass on to our posterity a new birth of freedom, one not soon to be forgotten. Peacefully with God’s help, but in any case we will succeed.

    We are Citizens, not slaves. We are Men and Women, not boys and girls. We shall live up to our duty as Citizens in all respects. Woe to the enemies of freedom, for we will not rest until we have saved our Nation from slaughter, and preserved it for another 245 years.

    For the Republic, and Liberty

  2. “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.” ~Ron Paul

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We want you to commit to the cause of America.

Money isn't our goal; locating and activating patriotic Americans is.


Hello patriot. My name is Jeff Cole, and a year or so back I founded the Civilian Defense Force. I'd like to quickly tell you a little bit about why we exist and why, I think, you're here. Those two "whys" are one and the same.

America is in trouble. Anyone who has lived in this country for more than a few years knows this. Our nation--and the world, because if America falls the world tumbles along with it--is under attack from enemies without and within. These evil bastards are Hell-bent on tearing down the legacy of freedom and responsibility this nation was founded upon and has represented for two and a half centuries. They're well organized, well financed, ruthless, and relentless...and they're inside the gates. All of the protections we've traditionally depended on to hold off their manipulations are at perilous risk right now, because too many good people have stood by silently while the enemies of America took control of the machinery.

The Civilian Defense Force was created to help stand in the way of all that, and to give awakening American patriots a place to step up and finally do something. That's why you're here, isn't it?

While the goals are broad (because they have to be), our mission is simple, direct, and vital. The Civilian Defense Force exists to gather American patriots together within their own communities; train them to defend themselves and those communities; and by extension, give them the strength and knowledge to reclaim the systems that have been usurped to indoctrinate our children, propagandize our media, and pervert our way of life.

The simple fact is that we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. The whole world knows this, so our enemies set about to infiltrate the country and destroy our heritage and will to be free. Through the corrupt media/entertainment complex, complicit "news" operations, compromised educational systems, and a far-too-complacent public, they weaseled their way in like parasites and now they infect the minds and bodies of too many of our countrymen. This makes it seem as if fighting them is fighting ourselves. We bend for no one out there, but we'll roll right over when it's our own who are doing the damage. They counted on this very phenomenon, which is why they implemented these programs in the first place. In the summer of 2020, they set their mindless minions loose upon a few test cities, and we watched helplessly as they burned those cities to the ground. This was just the beginning.

They've followed this with a puffed-up "pandemic" designed to allow them to pervert our election process and keep us under control, restricting everything from our movement to how or if we work and demanding, with little scientific backing and utterly ignoring the many viable alternatives, that we turn to a "vaccine" that will keep us bound to them forever. They've begun the process of punishing those who push back against them, and will continue that process right down to the classroom where your children are sitting right now.

Your town will soon be facing this relentless assault, if it isn't already. And if you think the black-clad minions of evil won't eventually show up with their molotov cocktails, bricks, and bike locks...think again. This is all coming to you sooner or later, especially if you and your neighbors offer any resistance to the established plan.

But we're Americans. We bend the knee for NO ONE. And as liberty-loving, patriotic Americans awaken from our induced complacency, we are indeed beginning to resist. This means they're going to have to bring the fight directly to our doorsteps.

And they will.

That's why the Civilian Defense Force exists. Our safeguards are being stripped away as we speak. Police are being defunded or targeted for violence; prosecutors are being replaced with anti-Americans who willfully ignore laws or apply "justice" unevenly; schools are being subjected to asinine mandates, held hostage by self-serving anti-American teacher's unions, and forced to indoctrinate our children with a curriculum straight from Hell itself; and even our military, once vaunted and still honored as the pinnacle of American might and right, has been gutted of any America-first attitude, it's leaders proudly wearing their latest medal--a "Joe Biden" campaign button.

Facing such an onslaught, it's hard to see how anyone can stand against it. But we--you and I--are American patriots. We bend the knee for NO ONE and personally, I sure as Hell don't intend to start now. Do you?

Here's the good news...there are lots and lots and LOTS of us, and we're all getting awake. And boy, are we PISSED! You know it--you talk with your neighbors every day. You hear and feel their anger. You know this dam is about to burst.

The time has come for that anger to be collected and directed.

That's what we exist for. Our goal is to gather the growing patriot crowd and whip them into "fighting" shape. That is as much metaphorical as it is literal; we will be ready to stand in the gap when the minions come to spread their lawlessness and mayhem, but in the interim we're also intent on helping our fellow citizens survive the hard times to come. We do this by organizing our resistance while creating community-based paths to self-sufficiency. When no one else is, we will be there for our communities as they desperately seek someone strong to turn to. In the process we will slowly but pointedly make every effort to retake control of the mechanisms of government, from the ground up. We'll start with our school boards, town councils, and county commissions. We'll take over the political parties, if necessary, by captaining precincts. We'll remind the enemies of America that ours is not a top-down dictatorial affair, but rather a nation of, by, and for the people.

To do all of this, we need your help. I don't want your money--you already have enough of that soaked out of you. What I want is your commitment to your community and your country. I want your effort. I want the patriot blood that flows through you, to intermingle it with mine and that of millions of other America-loving folks just like us who have seen enough, heard enough, had enough.

That's what we're here for.

That's what you're here for, am I right?

So let's get to it, shall we?

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