America needs you.
Your community needs you.

You know what you must do.
The time has come.

Why join the Civilian Defense Force?

To PROTECT Your Family

As civil order breaks down you'll need survival skills and like-minded friends to get your family through it. We'll teach you, and provide you with some safety in numbers.

To DEFEND Your Community

Our friends, neighbors, and businesses need help when lawlessness and struggle reach their doorsteps. We'll connect you with others in your area, and help you all stand in the gap.

To SAVE Your Country

America is divided, weakened, and under increasing attack from foreign and domestic enemies. Part of our mission is to get the country we love back on the right track...with the help of heroes like you.

The Civilian Defense Force Mission

The Civilian Defense Force is an all-volunteer community-based civic organization, the mission of which is to defend and protect our neighborhoods from threats that may overwhelm existing safeguards. These threats may include natural disaster, the activities of foreign adversaries on American soil, or domestic lawlessness and oppression. We stand in opposition to those who seek to reduce or otherwise tamper with our constitutional rights or would interfere with the free exercise thereof, including via means of coercion such as intimidation through violence. We train to present a strong, united response when faced with crises such as these, to protect our lives and the lives of our neighbors; our property; and our established way of life. We do this without regard to race, creed, or religion, and with an abiding respect for the United States Constitution and the laws which spring from it.

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