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Commander Cole’s Response to President Trump being asked to call for “Right Wing Militias” to stand down.

In tonight’s presidential debate, the segment discussing the rioting and who is behind it included a moment where the President of the United States was asked to call for “right-wing militias” to stand down. As the founder and leader of an organization that would surely be characterized that way (no matter how incorrectly) by many within the radical Left and the media lapdogs that represent them, I feel obligated to respond.

I speak now directly to the President.

Mr. President,

I lead a group of American Patriots who believe in protecting and defending our friends, families, businesses and neighborhoods from situations such as the rampant violence and lawlessness we currently see transpiring in many areas of the country. While the Civilian Defense Force is diverse in composition (because our communities are diverse) as well as in political ideology, we are united in the belief that these criminal behaviors cannot be permitted to go unchecked. Sadly, politicians within these areas, supported by their national party and organizations such as the Black Lives Matter movement, have made it a point to handcuff law enforcement; chosen not to prosecute offenders, even when they’re arrested; and failed to ask for the necessary assistance from appropriate state and federal government agencies (including the National Guard) in order to quell the violence and crime that is costing billions of dollars in damage and costing innocent people their lives. And now, as if it is somehow wrong for the people of this nation to feel the fear this lawless intimidation has created, and act accordingly, you are being asked to call us out as if we’re bad people, and demand that we stand down.

Sir, with respect, you don’t need to do that. You need demand nothing from us. We will happily, joyfully stand down. We don’t want to be in this position in the first place. We have families, jobs, lives we love and that we would like nothing better than to get back to. To a man, we wish this would all just go away, and allow us once again to pursue life, liberty and happiness as we were prior to these outrageous demonstrations of lawlessness and civil disobedience.

You need not demand that we stand down…we will gladly do so, just as soon as the threat of violence and lawlessness that has been fostered by the aforementioned politicians and organizations has ceased.

You see, unlike the way our brothers and sisters in law enforcement have been hung out to dry, with targets painted on their backs and the impossible job of trying to serve the people of their communities while answering to their political masters, the only people we serve are the people. More specifically, we are the people, and we won’t be bullied into taking this abuse lying down.

We do not blame you; we know where this aggression comes from, who is inciting and exacerbating it, and who can call an end to it. We know you support law enforcement, and believe in law and order. We know that the enemies of this country, of you, and of we the people do not. And we know that those people are responsible for the violence and chaos we see on our televisions night after night–the same people who have continually threatened to bring their wickedness to our neighborhoods, to our streets, to our homes.

I lead a nationwide group of American Patriots. We don’t want a fight. We aren’t looking for one, and we wish more than anything that the fight we see each night wasn’t happening, wasn’t threatening the peace we so cherish, wasn’t putting our families and friends in danger. But it is, Mr. President, and so we stand. No amount of bullying from the radical Left and their propagandists who want you to “call us out” as if we are the problem will change our commitment to protect our businesses, our homes, and our families from the violence they themselves are responsible for. They’re trying to bully you into making us the bad guys.

Allow me to absolve you entirely of any responsibility in that regard; we are not yours to command, Mr. President, except that we respect you and the office you hold, just as we respect the nation we have all sworn allegiance to. That nation is under attack right now, sir, and we are answering her call…not yours, and certainly not theirs.

When she is no longer under threat–when we, the people, are no longer in danger–we will stand down. Not one second before.

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