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CDF Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the Civilian Defense Force. It is only through the participation of dedicated, true American Patriots that we can fulfill our mission. We look forward to working with you to preserve our great nation and secure the safety and stability of our communities.

Before committing to becoming a CDF Member, it is important that you realize that CDF Membership is not a passive activity; we expect our members to join (where available) or form (if none are nearby) a local Unit and engage in the actions necessary to get that unit up and running. We expect every member to do his/her part to see to it that our Units–even if they start out with just you as a single member–become fully functioning and capable within sixty days of forming, and actively recruiting, training, and serving their communities no more than one month after that. This ninety day window is set in stone; Units that form but do not meet these requirements will lose their Charter and members within those Units may lose their membership status if there is no other Unit to which they can attach.

Effective September 1, 2021, all Civilian Defense Force members are required to join or form a Unit within their locale. This means that if no suitable Unit exists within an easy drive from your home, you are required to form one. These policies are part of our “No Dead Weight” Initiative. Members and prospective members are encouraged to read the NDWI page for a more complete understanding of these policies.

In addition to the NDWI page, all prospective members are required to read and agree to the following:

Once you’ve completed this reading and agreed to all the provisions therein, you are encouraged to apply. The formal application process is dependent upon the rules established by the Unit or State Corps to which you attach (if one is available). If forming a new Unit, the process is simple and direct, requiring little time as only a short Unit Commander Application is collected which, if meeting all the requirements therein, is automatically approved. Once the application is completed and the New Unit Formation process started, you as a new Unit Commander will have sixty days to complete the Unit Chartering process. As you proceed you will learn more details regarding these processes.

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