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Ashli Babbitt – Hero of the Republic

There will be those who disagree with my position on Ashli Babbitt’s death, the circumstances surrounding it, and the situation at the Capitol in general. You’re welcome to your opinion, no matter how misguided it is. I won’t be backing down from mine.

With that said, Ashli Babbitt is an American hero and martyr to the cause of Freedom. She did what most of the rest of us only talk about; she took action. The people entering the Capitol were there to remind the government that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge, not them. That WE THE PEOPLE choose our leaders, not them. That WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with their lies, corruption, and the blatant coup they’ve perpetrated on this nation. Ashli and the others entered that building with the intent of occupying it, as they should be able to do anyway, especially when the majority of the country is not only not being heard, but being actively silenced.

Most of us are just talkers, and we’re talking into the wind. Ashli Babbitt lost her life actually doing.

Many of us believe it was a setup to begin with. Some of us, myself included, believe that at the beginning of the day it was decided that there would be bodies before the day ended, and Ashli wound up being one of them. She was unarmed, was an arm’s length away from armed tactical officers, and posed no threat whatsoever. She was the unfortunate one upon whom the target was drawn, and she was murdered. I refuse to see it any other way. She was the victim, but now the media and all of Washington are making her out to be a terrorist (and painting all of us with the same brush).

This is (yet another) lie. It’s a rallying cry for the coup plotters and their supporters on the Left (and anyone else of limited intellect they can convince with their blatant propaganda).

Let her death be a rallying cry for us. Ashli Babbitt was a Patriot, a warrior, and she marched in the service of Liberty. She faced the destroyers of America with courage, and died a noble and honorable death in the process. We should all hope to be so brave, righteous, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this nation.


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One thought on “Ashli Babbitt – Hero of the Republic

  1. Never believe the propaganda of the enemy. By trying to paint us as evil terrorists, they are attempting to get us to stop taking legitimate action against an illegitimate regime. Only duly authorized, elected bodies are called “governments”, collections of tyrants and thieves are called “regimes”.
    Ashli was the victim of the DC Massacre. Her name will be a battle cry that sends tyrants running for the bathroom, and their soldiers to the latrine. Such shall be the fear of our revenge. Pick a side, there is no middle. Patriot or tyrant. Honest or liar.

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