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Announcing the CDF FlagStreet Demonstration


America is in trouble. Forces dedicated to the destruction of this country are hard at work doing what they do best; causing division and sowing hatred in an attempt to rip the nation apart from within. Abraham Lincoln warned us a century and a half ago that a house divided against itself cannot stand. We seem to have forgotten those simple words, just as we’ve forgotten nearly all of history–our own, to be certain, but also the history of the many nations that have come (and gone) before ours. These treacherous evils have been practiced many times, and the result is always the same; the house always falls.

For more than fifty years I’ve breathed air as a free man. In those decades I’ve seen the American people strong, and I’ve seen us weak. I watched as terrorists dropped from the skies in stolen jumbo jets and killed us by the thousands. That dark moment laid us pretty low. But the miracle of the moment occurred just a few days afterwards, when as if by divine force our country united as it never had. Our differences didn’t matter at that point; we were all Americans, and we stood tall together against an enemy bent on our destruction. Within hours of the attacks we found our pride in our country once more, and put that pride on display. Every street in America became Flag Street. We painted our nation red, white, and blue.

Today’s times are just as grave, and the enemy just as determined. And just like then, the effort is designed to rattle us to our core; to chase away our pride and weaken our resolve by destroying our history and heritage. And just like then, the solution to the attack on our country is to find and fly proudly our American pride and resolve. Every street must once again be Flag Street.

To that end the Civilian Defense Force is determined to set the example. We’ll take point in a Patriot Parade to sweep the nation, to show the country and the world that we are not afraid, we are not backing down–we are Americans, and we don’t give up the fight or the flag so easily! Our national symbols have been callously destroyed, our anthem disrespected, but it does not weaken us; on the contrary, it reveals within us the strength of all the fallen soldiers who died to protect our nation and our notions–that all men are created equal, and all who are willing to turn their backs on the easy choice of victim-hood are entitled to the blessings of Liberty. The memory of these brave men and women has been spat upon of late, but there are still those who remember, and will stand as they did to defend our flag and our country from the evils that would tear us asunder.

The symbol of our great heritage, our honor, and our commitment to the ideals of Liberty is the stars and stripes–Old Glory herself, the American Flag! She’s been walked on, burned, and even disrespected by professional athletes on national television, but she remains the sacred image of American strength and love, and it’s time we honor her as American Patriots once again. It’s time to turn our streets red, white, and blue! No holiday, no “special occasion”, only the desire to raise her up and declare that our nation will not stand still, but will stand up against the violence and destruction our enemies are bringing to our cities. We’ll fly the flag proudly to make clear that we are Patriots, and we will not be silent any longer. We will rid our streets of division and hatred by lining them with the flag of freedom and prosperity. We will demonstrate that America is too strong to tear apart!

The Civilian Defense Force declares Sunday, October 25th, FlagStreet USA Day! We are calling for every America-loving Patriot to display Old Glory on their homes, their cars, and their businesses. We’re asking the truest of you to organize parades, marches, and other public events where the American Flag can be displayed in force. We want all Patriots to commit to demonstrating their resolve, while celebrating our unity as a nation. Get your local politicians in on the event; make your local newspapers aware; seek out declarations and proclamations; and mostly, show that flag! Turn America into Flag Street once again…and let the power of the people drive our enemies away with the purity and honor represented by that sacred cloth.

Sunday, October 25, 2020 is the day. Turn off football, and turn on the American spirit!

You have three weeks to organize. Visit our FlagStreet USA Page ( to sign our petition, enter your event/parade/demonstration on our “events” page, and generally make it known that you’re a Patriot and you stand for America.

Our nation thanks you!

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