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America Is Now the Wicked Nation We’re Said To Be

The quote below is from this must-read piece from American Thinker:

A highly ruthless and committed movement driven by deception and an organized plan was set in motion to win the November 3, 2020 election by any means necessary, including possibly releasing or at a minimum deliberately spreading the COVID-19 virus around the world, starting either in late 2019 or early 2020.  After its introduction, a comprehensive campaign was waged to weaponize and promote the public’s fear of COVID-19.  As the pandemic raged, the parties opposing President Trump ratcheted up the stakes by demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice people’s lives and inflicting all kinds of collateral damage on fundamental American institutions and our economy for the primary purpose of political gain.

This is fact. I urge you to read the article, because it is the first I’ve seen on a moderately major platform that truly, pointedly eschews gentle hinting in favor of absolutely calling it like it is. It unequivocally states the obvious–that COVID was either a direct setup or a crisis-turned-opportunity, that it was used to ensure the American vote could be cheated, that said vote was indeed cheated, that the resulting government is illegitimate, and that said illegitimate government is erasing America’s pride and prosperity and eradicating any chance we have of ever becoming more than the shameful pawn of elites in their effort to control the world. We, you and I, have become exactly the agents of evil that the world has long accused us of being.

This process is not “starting”. It’s not “coming”. It’s not “a possibility”.

This process is well underway. Our downfall as the beacon of good–our descent into the horrors of Communism and, in fact, some bastardized form of Nazism, is rapidly steaming toward completion. We stand now on the precipice of Hell, looking into that chasm with horror while an unelected government and the one-world hegemons-who-would-rule-us-all continue to kick us into it.

We Must Resist

Four things stand in the way of the evildoers completing this nefarious mission:

  • We outnumber them – America remains, for now at least, a center-right country of freedom-loving, evil-despising people who oppose most or all of what’s going on around us. Sadly, we also remain far too willing to just shake our heads in disbelief and disgust while waiting for a cavalry that simply isn’t coming. There is no “storm”. “Q” is a fantasy, designed in all likelihood to specifically distract us and make us wait for someone else to do our job for us. Donald Trump remains powerful, and likely the only political force we can stand behind that will perhaps enable us to recover once the evil is defeated, but even he proved unwilling to lead the charge when he had the opportunity to do so. And what few political allies he has, or thought he had, are even weaker and less reliable. We are, for now, stronger than they are in terms of sheer numbers, but they far exceed our political strength (since federal-level voting no longer matters) and apparently also our will. They are not afraid to lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, assault, destroy, and murder their way into power–and they’ll sure as Hell continue doing it to retain the power they now have.
  • We are armed to the teeth – Our Founders understood the dangers we would face. They saw this coming. That’s why they gave us the means to defend ourselves. And means, we have–the American populace is exponentially the most well-armed force in the world. What we aren’t–and this is proven time and time again–is a fighting force. We have the guns, but we’ve demonstrated that we’re simply unwilling to use them. It would seem that the only thing likely to rouse our armed response is a true invasion from outside forces–which is why the attack on America has been orchestrated to come from the inside. Our immediate enemies are not foreign but rather domestic, and while it’s true that our domestic enemies are merely agents of foreign meddlers, they are domestic nonetheless. Until we fully recognize this fact and act accordingly, our firepower is useless…and it’s unlikely we’ll ever “act accordingly” in the absence of some major, in-our-own-backyard violence. This is why I believe that we will ultimately succumb to the threat we now face unless outright civil war/a move toward Balkanization (and the resultant armed conflict) is somehow ignited. The only legitimate usefulness for our guns at this juncture is for the deterrence they provide with regard to foreign boots on American ground. If the point ever comes that we change that reality, it will be because true civil war has been engaged.
  • We govern ourselves, by and large, locally – This is the only bright spot within this otherwise dismal assessment. Our ability to choose our federal government has been stolen from us, and this is a situation that is not likely to change unless we recognize and act on this reality–we still self-govern. As it stands now, American states are still their own entities and can dismiss the federal government at will. And American states are for all intents and purposes beholden to the local governments elected by the citizenry as a whole. Throwing off our international masters depends upon throwing off their federal-government puppets, and throwing off the federal government depends upon exorcising our state and local governments of the cancerous evil “elite” money has bought and installed within our local systems. Until the power of the Soros/Zuckerberg/etc. money is nullified by American Patriots dedicated to reclaiming their own local governments, there is zero chance that America stands beyond the next few years. To do this, you–you personally–must get involved. And you must bring with you as many America-loving Patriots as you can round up within the next 3-12 months. If you who are reading this decide to remain on the sidelines, the death of America will ultimately fall at your feet. Voting for Donald Trump is great, but it simply isn’t enough. Oiling your rifle is wonderful, but it does nothing useful for your country. Stocking your pantry full of food is wise and beneficial, but it isn’t significant in the greater scheme of things. If Samuel Adams had merely filled his larder and molded more musket balls, there would be no America. If you do the same, there will be no America a decade from now. You must get involved, in every possible way, to strengthen and recapture America from the bottom up. Begin with gathering your neighbors (forming a CDF Unit is one excellent method for doing this), and then engage properly in your local political scene. The Tea Party demonstrated a dozen years ago how to do this effectively; that’s why we were able to have a Donald Trump to begin with. Study their way, and emulate it within your own city halls and town councils. Take over the political parties that serve your area. This is much easier than you might think…but you must start right now. There simply is no time to lose.
  • We provide the fuel that runs the engine of our enemies – The largest, most powerful tank in the world is nothing more than a hulk of metal statuary if it does not have the fuel with which to run it’s engine. Your money is the fuel for the engine that our enemies are using against us. If you subscribe to Netflix, purchase from Amazon, search with Google, post birthday photos on Facebook, buy groceries at WalMart, or choose to buy products made in China, you are financing the enemy. And make no mistake–it is money that powers the entire world, and it is money that enables our enemies to strike at our core values with such ease. Let me be more precise–it is your money that lets our enemies attack us. To stop the beast, starve the beast. The same goes for the “woke” corporations that spread our enemies propaganda for them–all professional sports (particularly the NBA and NFL), Nike, Coca-Cola, all of Hollywood and the “entertainment industry”, and hundreds of others (lists exist all over the internet–look them up) must all be expunged from your budget and erased from your daily activities. I know this is all easier to say than to do, but even if you consciously choose SOME of these measures, and encourage your friends to do the same, you are striking a much mightier blow than you realize. None of us will chop down the tall, thick tree on our own–but if each of us takes a single swing with the axe, the tree will surely fall over time. It is up to you to start chopping away, with purpose, and loudly. We have to have both a practical effect, and send a message to go with it. There are hundreds of millions of us; it’s time we put that collective power to use.

Things are bleak; worse than they have ever been not only in American history, but world history. What’s coming will make the Great Depression and World War Two look like days at Disneyland, and as it stands now it seems an unstoppable force. But we can meet this force with force of our own; relentless resistance, in the twin forms of denying our enemies the money to operate with and taking control of our own governance at ground level, represent the greatest–and last remaining–hope America has of still standing a decade from now. If we fail, America fails…and failing to act is failing.


Something wicked is already here. What are you doing to stop it in it’s tracks?

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4 thoughts on “America Is Now the Wicked Nation We’re Said To Be

  1. What nonsense. The election was lost because he didn’t get enough votes. This was verified by the Republican election officials and every court in the nation. It’s that simple. Personally I voted straight line Republican, except for the office of President for which I voted for Biden. There are a lot of people like me who voted against Trump, and just enough of us for him to lose the election.

    I beg you – stop spreading this lie. You have bought the Big Lie. This hoax originated in Russia and is spread by Russia to divide and cause chaos and destruction in the West. You are directly causing the destruction of democracy and America – don’t point fingers at Democrats, because as stupid as their policies may be YOU are the bigger problem. Take a hard look.

    1. If you voted for Biden. then you have contributed to the mess we are in. I try to look at things objectively. And it is clear what has happend on the federal level. There is no Russia Russia Russia! It is in our own government and it’s ABC’s of outlets. NSA CIA FBI and now a Capital police that will spread across America.

  2. MJ: Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that you are correct, i.e. that Trump lost the vote ‘legitimately’. (Which is what I believe.)

    Now, given that … don’t you agree that the Progressives are now in the process of trying to change America fundamentally — and I’m not talking about medical care, but about how the population feels about their country: is it basically a good one, or a country founded in, built on, and continuing its existence by practicing, white supremacy and oppressin of non-white peoples?

    That’s what they’re now teaching in more and more schools and colleges, while purging those who don’t go along with it. That’s what they’re now introducing into the military.

    No nation will long survive if its population thinks that it is basically evil. Exactly HOW the collapse will come is not predictable — the US faces some of the same challenges all advanced countries do, plus the challenge of being the leader of the free world, in a world where a non-free nation is rapidly overtaking it in terms of economic and military strength.

    No one knows the future. No one can say now, exactly how this will play out. But what we can do is to prepare at the local level, for a serious and prolonged disruption of the social order. This would be true even if Trump had won the election.

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