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70% of US Population DEAD by 2025

This is PART ONE of a two-part post.

My headline smacks of clickbait. It’s supposed to. I want it to grab your attention so that you’ll read what I’m writing. But clickbait is usually “half-truths” and “sensationalism”…

What I’m going to write in this, PART ONE, is all true. You can check (most of) it out for yourself.

Here is the gist of it; a major intelligence agency, deeply embedded within the United States government (among others), issued a “forecast” saying that seven out of ten people in America will die within the next four years. To put that into perspective, that’s about 250 MILLION people. To put THAT into perspective, COVID-19 is blamed by the CDC for just under 600,000 American deaths as of May 18th.

In other words, the wicked horrible awful deadly oh-my-God everyone is going to DIE “Pandemic” has killed only about 1/500th of the population that the Deagel Forecast says will be dead four years from now.

Remember that name–Deagel Forecast. Don’t get it confused…it isn’t Deagle, which also has (or had) a military-oriented website (at least until February, when founder Edwin Deagle–himself a bigwig in government and someone “in the know” who posed dire warnings for the country and people, but who is not [likely] involved with Deagel and it’s website,–died.) Many people make this easy mistake, but it’s important to understand the differences and make the clear, and even more disturbing, distinction. Deagel is a mysterious organization deeply tied to the deep state that gathers and reports intelligence, to everyone up to and including the President, regarding military and–as you’d be able to see, if you could still see it–“other” national security matters.

It’s those “other” matters that comprise(d) the Deagel forecast. But you can’t see them–not anymore–because mysteriously and with no explanation that information was scrubbed from their website a few days ago.

You can be sure the Forecast still exists; it’s just that you, the common rube who needs to be kept in the dark and left to swill your beer and watch “The Bachelor” in mindless, blissful ignorance, must not be allowed to know about it. Because, you know, knowledge is dangerous, or something.

The Deagel Forecast is real. It is not from some no-name rabbit farmer like me, or some click-generating conspiracy-theory website that wants to scare you into lining their pockets. It’s from a major intelligence agency that serves the United States government and other governments around the world, and it’s a really big deal.

And the “realest” of the really big deals that they’ve predicted is that seven out of ten of the people you know in this country will be DEAD in less than four years.

Please look all of this up on your own, when you’re done reading my posts. Let me repeat–please do your own research and see how it all strikes you, rather than just taking my word for it.

Now this pair of postings I’m making isn’t designed to panic you. I don’t make money by getting you riled up. In fact, I lose money when I do this because rather than tending to my rabbits (as I should be), I’m sitting in front of the keyboard writing stuff that will be dismissed by the doubtful (and complicit) as “conspiracy-theory nonsense”. We’ve all seen just how deep the “Deep State” really is, and how powerful. Letting you know about stuff they’re clearly intent on covering up is, well, probably not the smartest use of my time. I’m not important enough for them to worry about, I don’t think, but if ever you hear that I’m now taking my meals through a straw or breathing the fresh aroma of soil from six feet beneath it, you’ll know why.

So people who should know are saying that there will be 70% fewer of us to feed four years from now. It’s obvious why that’s important information, but is there anything to corroborate what’s being offered here?

Hang on tight–we’re about to enter the world of “conspiracy theory” for real. That’s what Part Two is all about.

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3 thoughts on “70% of US Population DEAD by 2025

  1. I very much look forward to more … being as how I may be as “deep” into that kind of info, what with being considered “one of those” (Conspiracy Theorists)(but a very well informed one I might say).

  2. Ok, I’ve read part 1. I’ve looked up everything I can on the topic, especially since the Deagel Forecast suggests such a radical change and global shift…and anxiously await part 2.

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